Assassin’s Creed


The long awaited has finally arrived, a finely constructed game with an excellent story and lots of action and fighting. It is taking place on 1191 AD in the Holy Cities with a fantastic plot to follow. I can’t wait to play this game since they have taken the time to make it.

“A great mix of history, intrigue, and action that should be perfect for that post-Halo 3 hangover. ”

Link: UnCrate

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  1. Already pre-ordered it on Amazon. Can’t wait :D

  2. Halicy

    ill pass by Rehab today to see if they got it.
    heard a lot about it. also “Jade Raymond” producer for «Assassin’s Creed» is damn hot :P

  3. I honestly hope they have a PSP version coming out.

  4. abdvllah: Same Here!

    Halicy: loool! I just want the game, don’t care about the producer.

    N: I don’t think so!

  5. Halicy

    thats what i thought too, but trust me.. you will care when u see her :P
    make youre search buddy ;)

  6. Guess what? The limited edition and standard edition are both out of stock at the moment in Amazon :(

    Gamespot gave it 9.0 (editor’s choice)
    But strangely IGN gave it 7.7 and 1UP 7 !!

  7. Halicy: Your are correct she is really hot and cute!

    Abdvllah: Damn it!!! That is really weird, I just check out people’s ratings! The editors don’t know crap!

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