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I was told that I needed to change my rear tires and the front tires were fine, so I thought it would be a simple task to get that done. I have Continental ContactSport 2 as the rear tires, and they gave their measures to see if they have it at the dealership which they said they didn’t. Then I contacted the tire dealer in Kuwait and a few other shops, turns out they don’t have them either. I called up 5 shops and they all told me it would take 4 to 6 weeks to get any high speed tire, so I called a friend and ask him to look around as well. Then they told me the Michelins were available but my problem with that is that I don’t want to get tires that I’m not familiar with, they might be better, they most probably are, but I just wanted tires that I am used and know their limitations. The funny part that my rear tires were basicaly slicks when they took them out, they had almost nothing left.


After I was about to go to Michelins I got a call for a tire place just off of the 4th ring road, opposite Chevrolet. I went their and to my luck they had the same tires I had going for 146 KD a tire, but was negotiated down to 112 KD, and I’m sure they are making a huge margin from it. I’m just happy I found them, and when I was driving I feel that there is more traction available with the car.





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  1. dude your tires were slicks!!

  2. lfc-q8

    no run flats for u? why

  3. 47

    mind me for asking, when did u buy an m6?

  4. jewaira

    Looking good.
    Am glad you found tires though.

  5. whoa ! those were really worn out !
    I’ve once run tires till the nylon belts were visible :D

  6. Halicy

    Man!! You just realized that you need to change tiers!!!
    am also looking for good tiers that fits a 20″ rims. any advices since you were tire shoping yesterday? :)

  7. Mark: yup!

    lfc-q8: Not for this car, its extra weight!

    Laialy: thanks!

    47: Last year!

    jewaira: Thanks! Same here!

    mathew: Seriously! looool! Now thats running low!

    Halicy: I would recommend checking out Michelin, they seemed to be the only ones that stock up and they are high performance tires. I’m assuming for a sports car and not SUV.

  8. I prefer the Bridgestone ones… The small car in my houe has normal donuts and the larger one has the pro touring. I prefer the handling with these. Off course all this depends on how the roads are in your place.

  9. Azariath: I know what you mean, but at this point I’m searching for Michelins!

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