Photosynth is a photo manipulating software which lets you navigate pictures in an unseen manner based on Seadragon Technology. This is probably one of the most amazing photo manipulation I have ever seen, they are able to make a 3-D image out of multiple pictures from flickr by going through the meta-data such as tags, and match picture upon picture from Camera Phones to DSLRs and you are able to see it as a solid image and zoom into a corner of statue on a building. The Demo is amazing and must be seen be understood, now this amazing technology.

Link: TED

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  1. that would be fun to look at, i wonder whats the “business case” behind it other than its cool

  2. Ra7aLaH: yup!!

    Swair: Very nice!

    Laialy: Its tying all new technology together and really damn cool!

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