Hercules 400 Laser


Who said you can’t burn things with laser beams, with this one you can and you signal planes to land. It can be seen from miles away and looks like a small light saber, you can cause a lot of mischief with this laser but for a price.

Price: $3000

Link: UnCrate

A guy who is just trying to enjoy life!


  1. i know you should know it by now, but just to be on the safe side:

    JUNE 4th!

  2. You didnt say if it can actually burn things. And if it can, where can I order one?

  3. why would anyone in the right mind really need one of these!!!

  4. Does the shark and head strap come with it, or do I have to order them separate?

  5. there is a video on metacafe that teaches how to modify a normal laser with a DVD burner one, and you can also burn stuff with it.

    Note that even the reflection of this thing can turn you blind if pointed at your eye

  6. send me a couple for the next trance party,

  7. Sin

    theres something similar to these, its called wicked laser, they can cut through black tape and stuff, and yes burn stuff too…but to burn stuff, i’d just use a damn zippo(its faster and cheaper too :))

  8. This definitely should not fall into the hands of those stupid laser pointing kids on the road.

    Yeah you should definitely remember my birthday ;p

  9. abdvllah: your bday?! me.. me… MYYY bday! =) but nice to see another june 4th-er! khallas, marzouq can buy us BOTH gifts on that day then.. join the club.

  10. MSB: loooool!

    ammaro: It does burn things and you can order one for $3000!

    Laialy: Because we can shoot down planes with them! loool! Nobody is in their right mind!

    N: I don’t see a shark but I will say yes! loool!

    Eliedh: of course! Its dangerous!

    nQ: Check out the price first!

    Sin: looool! But you can pop balloons with them!

    abdvllah: I agree 100%! I would beat them with a stick!

    MSB: hahaha! I think I will take monthly payments for this machine!

  11. MSB,
    laaa a7la shay enna my boss has the same b-day also!

  12. abdvllah: yala.. let’s start a cult then.. first item of action on our list, take over Marzouq’s blog! ;)

  13. MSB,
    If that’s gonna lead to world domination, I’m in ;p

  14. abdvllah: looooooooool!

    MSB: I want to see that happens!

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