Al Falah Car Wash


After finishing with my car I needed to get it cleaned up and I need to get all the paint residue removed from the vehicle. So I went to Al Falah Car Wash, and the funny part is I ran into another GulfRun Driver on the road on the way there. It was funny, I think Al Falah Car Wash will turn into the Ace’s Cafe of Kuwait, where we all meet up every once in a while.


I took my car straight in and I asked the guy to get rid of all the large smudges, and it showed especially from all the dust in the day. As soon as I took it in I said hello to a few people and kept snapping away as usual. Then I was talking to my friend about the whole race and who was a screw up, who was good, who needs a lot of improvement, what surprises we had, and how want to go back but after we recharge everything. It was one hell of an event and we all enjoyed it, now Al Falah Car Wash will always remind me of good times, other then the really good service I will be going back to meet up with people for 20 – 40 minutes. I just wanted this wash to get the car cleaned up which they did.


After the major car service I’m taking it for a detail and that is when these guys shine. I liked my car more with the GulfRun Stickers!






A guy who is just trying to enjoy life!


  1. All the cars looked better with the stickers! Even mine! That’s why I don’t intend to remove the stickers unless forced by cops!

  2. Zahed

    wkhir wakhirrrrr whats the menu today

  3. Halicy

    hahahaha, thats my friend truck right next to you :P
    am still a fan of “Super Service car wash” in Rai. but am welling to try al falah.

  4. Corolla Man (AE86)

    Let us ask the house in the corner on the round about they have good choice of menu, very diverce menu

  5. Hey Corolla Man Why don’t you ever wash your crappy Corolla at Al-Falah? and get an oil change while you are at it.

  6. Halicy

    “house in the corner on the round about “?? Hmmmmmm

  7. Stallion: I agree, but in this cars case I can’t keep it like that!

    Zahed: None of your business!

    Halicy: nice so I caught your friend!

    K: Damn you!

    Corolla Man: Bite me!

  8. You should have kept the stickers! why remove em

  9. marzouq where is this car wash? my car is begging for a detailing.

  10. N: I had to because I would be stopped at every light by the police!

    Laialy: lol!

    EniGma: It is on Al Soor Street, very easy to find!

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