Tires and Brakes


So for the first set of things I was planning to do was change my brakes and all my tires. The fronts are almost completely gone, the backs are mashed up, and so I went to Michelin and got the rear tires. I would have to wait another week until HH Tuning gets the front tires for me and I will have Michelin mount of them for me.


When I went to Michelin I asked them if they have someone who is skilled in installing brake pads for sports brakes, 8 pads in total. At first they said no but then they told me they do have someone and they introduced me to him. When I asked him if he can install the brake pads on this car, he said “Germans didn’t invented the brake pads, pads are pads”. I was surprised from his answer and confidence so I let him go ahead with it, he really knew all that he was doing and I was very very happy. If anyone needs an aligment then go to Michelin and his name is Mohammed, he is damn good and he is the one who installed the brakes, a really tall guy.


All my pads were completely gone, I mean only 2 -5% left and thats about it! I was told to pump the brakes every time they installed the front and rear set for the sake of the ABS system.


Michelin Pilot Sport 2 cost 118 KD per tire so 236 KD in total, labor was only 10 KD for all the pads which is great in comparison. I was very happy with the results, I felt the grip and the brakes felt much better. Now for the front tire then alignment, but before that I will be taking it to the dealership to have all the fluids changed.











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  1. Ahhh! Such lovely smell of tires during GulfRun! As for your front sets inshallah soon! ;)

  2. I don’t know why I haven’t mentioned this before, but I love the color of the car, it’s just the right amount of blue

  3. Gaz

    just wondering what kind of brakes did u install? why not the dealership? and what model is your car? sweet

  4. here’s MY question, when do you sleep? or do you write these posts in your dreams and then just hit ‘publish’ when you wake up?

  5. Zahed

    whats the menu today

  6. Halicy

    Huh.. i thought u changed ur tiers a week ago! u burn them out already in Gulf Run?
    Dude.. am still looking for tiers! i couldn’t find what i need yet. the size is (285 50R 20). my tiers are nearly useless now so i have to find it soon.

  7. Marzouq doesn’t actually write the posts .. he has a team of two indians and a filipino.

  8. Stallion: I know!!! I can’t wait for the front!

    Laialy: Thanks! I love that color too!

    Gaz: I got the BMW M6 brakes, standard ones, they were my spare parts for the race and as I was installing the tires I asked if they could install them and they did.

    MSB: Never! I just do what I do!

    Zahed: None of your business!

    Halicy: I did and they were gone! You just have to have the right contact!

    K: hahahaha! I thought it was two filipinos, one indian, and one white guy with no pants?

  9. K: ahahaha.. thanks! that’s what i thought but he refuses to fess up!


    i seriously need some one who KNOWS what is he doing, the guys at faa are not that well with my brakes! and i think there is something wrong they are not able to figure out! no matter what is the diagnosis and solution i still get that annoying sound!! that for my bad luck does not appear in their road test

  11. The sound is normal .. its from performance brake discs. If it really annoys you, wash off the break dust with high pressure air, then give it a very hard stop (140km > 20km).

    If that still doesn’t get the squeaking gone, you can tell them to reapply the anti-squeak lube (It goes on the back of the brake pad).

  12. Thank you K

    will try that, i just changed the front pads, rear still good, the sound is not from the pads i am sure! but i think its something with the connector between the front tires! i dont know what its called ,, am still debating with my brother about it when he has enough time will let him hear it then take it to this guy to see how things are :D

    thx :D

  13. lfc-q8

    dude u should install them at the wekala… first of all for the alignment they have a bench to do bmw cars which will give u much better results then anyother place
    second when u change the pads u need to change the brake pad sensor so from the i-drive u can know how manny milles are left of the brake pad life

  14. Marzouq … let me know if you need anything from Michellin, i could work out a discount for you.

  15. MSB: loool!

    Q80-ChillGirl: No problem, but I think its just about wearing them in and the technique K mentioned works.

    K: We did that a lot at BIC 200 – 20.

    lfc-q8: they did replace the wires, and I knew about them, what was great is that they knew what they were doing. So the idrive information is fine.

    Rayboy: Thank you, the prices are fine as long as I am getting good service.

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