Easy Night


There have been times where I have been hungry just waiting with all the guys for everyone to show up, but that has changed. Things have gotten stricter in the dewaneyah, I tell everyone 8:30 pm dinner will be on the table, I don’t care if its cooked or deliver, it will be on the table. I have turned into the Nazi Soup Kitchen, “No Soup For You!” I have had to do this because some people turn up very late expecting food to be there when I make its gone, unless they have a good reason which they usually don’t for being late. I honestly find it entertaining to be stubborn with the timing of the food, then there the complainers, they complain that they want the food now or they want shawarmas all the damn time.

I found an anime movie I wanted to watch but it seems I played for a few people before but I passed out through the whole movie before, but we watched it again since the majority didn’t see it. It was an easy and funny night, we had dinner and watched another movie which was pretty funny as well. After that we spent the rest of the night discussing college times and GulfRun, it was like a GulfRun meet up with a few of the guys there. Now time to ride in the morning.

A guy who is just trying to enjoy life!


  1. Sushi

    lol i’m sorry but you sound like one of those wives complaining their husbands are never on time to eat the food =P Or I think it has more to do with you wanting to satiate your hungry tummy. Just throw the food somewhere and whoever wants to eat eats. Gathering the family to eat only works in real families marzouq LOOOOOL (jk)

  2. Why does this sound like my saturday night binge ! I get really volcanic, when people show up late and expect something hot to eat . . . .Errm, I just found the easy way out . . . I show up late myself and yell at everyone now . . . .

  3. Thats nice, I would probably do the same thing and have a set time for dinner rather than having it a guessing game

  4. I think I saw you friday morning at esharat bayan/salwa (or was it bayan rumathiya) I dunno, I only know one guy who has a red 996 ducatti.

    That food looks yummy, so far I’ve run into 5 thanks giving food posts and now this. screw the eating healthy motto! gimme steak!

  5. Sushi: Say what you will, but I have to be like that to be organized!! lol! They need discpline!

    Azariath: I can’t show up late because I want to be able to shout at people no matter what.

    Laialy: you have to!

    N: I’m on a 1098s! Not a 996, I wish I had a clean 996! lool! Eat what you want!

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