Tired Night!


I wanted to do something on Friday night, but I also wanted to do nothing. Some of the guys were going to a wedding and I wasn’t so I called one other friend and it turns out he was also doing nothing and he didn’t want to do anything but wanted to do something. We were in a funny dilemma, and one of our friends was getting a few things from the co-op I told him to come over and lets figure out something. We decided to watch Pirates of the Caribbean and go get food later, and I text the guy who wanted to remain stationary to join us if he wants, the funny part is that he lives less then 2 minutes away.


We watched the movie and half way through we decided to get some Kababs and Shawarmas from Ghadeer, my friend wanted to drive and for the first time I was too lazy. We put the top and drove in this cool weather, we picked up our sandwiches (Kabab, Chicken Shawarma, Humus, and Strawberry Drink) and headed pack. Then we restarted the movie and our friend just walked in so we gave him some of the sandwiches.


We were just laughing but we continued the movie, some Halo was proposed but we wouldn’t stop if we started it. So we continued the movie, 20 minutes in one guy fell asleep, and I was feeling drowsy. After 45 minutes I turn left to tell my friend that the other guy is asleep only to find him asleep as well on and off. We were all drowsy from active days, and so we were slowly passing out. I tried staying up as much as possible, when I did fall asleep I rewinded the movie from the last point I remembered so a 3 hour movie turned into a 4 hour movie. It was just a funny night, then we finished the movie and just started talking about random things happening. It was an easy and funny night.





A guy who is just trying to enjoy life!


  1. food looks good.. i love those lazy evenings.. they’re the best.. as for the movie, i fell asleep during that movie too! and i watched it at the theatre in the middle of the afternoon!!

  2. pink

    sooooo cute..guys r little babies in the inside.

  3. hey man! whats the reaction of people around u when u take ur device out and start taking pictures? ive tried that sometimes and the looks were really not supportive if u know what i mean!!

  4. LooooooL
    food, friends, Movie, Sleep .. that is a good chill night

  5. Purgatory

    Just say your friend is Mark ;p

  6. you sleepy headzZzZzZz

    “I wanted to do something on Friday night, but I also wanted to do nothing.”

    I know what you mean wanting to do something but in the same time wanting to do NOTHING! heehee

  7. bil 3afya bro…but u’ve gained weight recently…actually i realized that today coz u were sitting next to me in costa cafe…i wasnt sure that was you ..i had to text Ali and all he told me that ur shaved head and chubby……:P u were with a grp of guys..right?

  8. it took us 3 days to watch pirates cause we kept doing other stuff in the middle!
    so 4 hours aint bad!

  9. MSB: yup its a good lazy evening! lol!

    pink: hahaha! I don’t think babies but it works!

    someone from space: I usually just shoot pictures without looking through the lens so it looks less obvious and I take a lot of shots to make up for bad ones. Its just that not a lot of people like being photographic, but I take pictures no matter what.

    Laialy: yup!

    Jacqui: who doesn’t

    Purg: He wasn’t there!

    Ansam: Its just one of those days to do nothing!

    MAZE: yup, but I’m always with a group of guys! haha! And yes I was at Costa for a bit and I did put on weight! Good catch!

    eshda3wa: looool! Now that is stretching it!

  10. Zahed

    why dont we get food like that on wed walaaa ineeek wakhir 3anii

  11. why everytime i open ur blog while i’m hungry i find food related posts ?! “

  12. Zahed: Because your an idiot!

    vampire: loooool! Its meant to be!

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