Passport Update


I have forgotten about my passport for a little while now except when I am about to travel, and since I’m flying on Friday to Dubai for some quick work, but then I might be sent to Germany next week but that will be tough.

At this point I don’t have a passport and all my Visas have expired. So now I have to renew my Visas as well as my passport.

Time Needed:

  • Passport – 1 Day
  • UK Visa – 2 Days
  • US Visa – 1 – 6 Months
  • Euro Schengen – 2 -14 Days

So its going to be tough to travel to Germany next week but there seems to be a lot on the schedule these days. Then I came to the realization that I don’t have pictures for the passport and I have really changed from when I was young, the picture I had was when I was sixteen and I was getting a lot of trouble for it at airports, so I need a new picture as well.

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  1. pictures! i know what u mean.. its the worst thing u could go thru ur entire life ;p
    see u in Dubai!

  2. What’s with the 1 – 6 months time needed for the US visa ?! :-s ..

    How long did it take you last time till you got your US visa issued?

  3. you can have mine … I haven’t used it since I last renewed it in 2005 *sniff sniff*

  4. Yeah it all goes back to getting the pictures done, the rest is a 1 2 3 step thing!

  5. oh Germany

    depending on your luck ( do you have friends inside the German embassy ?)
    that German visa isn’t going to come by next week
    if i were you i would postponed my German visit for 3 weeks at least

    they are the slowest Euro Schengen country ,, Italy is the fastest

  6. Ms.D: Seriously! I’m only in Dubai for one day!

    Amjad: It all depends on the Americans, they can do whatever they want. Last time I got my Visa was in 1998 so it was easy then. A few people tell me 1 month and a few tell me 6 months.

    Maryam: Your kidding me! Why!

    N: I got the pictures and it wasn’t pleasent!

    forzaq8: Italy isn’t the fastest, Austria is!! 1-2 days! That is what I am thinking of doing! I have to get it one way or another!

  7. good luck … i just renewed mine this summer …

  8. MeHRAJA

    Good luck with the renewal and taking the photoes, mine expired 3 months ago and still haven’t renewed it i hate taking personal pictures they never come out with me looking good ;p

  9. M, The interview appointment for the US embassy for you to submit all the paperwork they need is the one that takes a while from 1-2 weeks if your lucky otherwise it will be about 4-6 weeks. Once you do the interview and submit all your paperwork and you get approved, your visa is ready the very next day for 10 years :)

  10. Ms.D: It will probably be the same!

    Laialy: good

    MeHRAJA: It was simple and I looked bad in the pictures so it did the job.

    Spicy Pepper:I don’t know if it will be that simple. I hear its easy for a few and bad for others so I’m not sure how that will go.

  11. Believe me i stressed about it so much and in the end it was much easier than i thought it would be. I havent gone to the US since i got my bachelors back in 01. I got the visa now on my brand new spanking passport but i have yet to use it :) The visa procedure was very simple :) Check thier website for details. i did everything online.

  12. M, i just checked thier website you can get an appointment as early as tommorow :), So its really not as bad as you thought :) Check the website for details. Good luck :)

  13. AL

    Dude where can I get a Passport cover like that. Its amazingly cool !

    Please I want one I want one I want BTW it also protects your PP.

    And are you into DBZ?

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