I needed a new trimmer since mine broke after only 1 year of use, but I think it was the exposure to water that got to it. I don’t even know if it was waterproof or not, I used it when there was a lot of water. Alghanim Electronics was close by to my work so I decided to pass by and they have Phillip trimmers.


When I walked in I saw a huge pile of Bodygroom trimmers next to the trimmer and razor area. I was surprsied they got them at last, it has been so long since they came out and I thought they wouldn’t bring them. They should have brought a huge amount a long time ago. They were selling them for 29 KD which isn’t too bad for something that people like.. I tried it out and it isn’t too bad, I heard a lot of hype about it and it is safer then most razors which is good for the sensitive areas. Tentively speaking I am quite happy with this purchase.



A guy who is just trying to enjoy life!


  1. When they first put them on the Shelves at Al-Ghanim Electronics, I asked them if they had spare parts since I needed the charger and the sales lady said how can you have it this product is new! I told her I had the trimmer for 2 years now and she was in shock! Now I have to go to the warsha to get the charger since my charger was American and was a pain to use here!

  2. Corolla Man (AE86)

    What do you men by sensive area??

  3. SPaCe`

    Man! it costs $29.99 in Amazon! they must be kidding me with their pricing policy!

  4. Muh’d M. Mansour: its working good!

    Stallion: Hopefully they have the damn parts!

    Corolla Man: Below your neck!

    K: hahaha!

    SPaCe: What do you expect from them, they just replace the $ with the KD!

  5. Moocherx

    I’m still always surprised when people say “ohmygod how much? it’s $xx.x on Amazon!”

    There are 300 million people in the USA.

    There are about 500,000 people in Kuwait who could afford a luxury item like this. It’s simple supply and demand economics.


  6. punky


    you are implying that there is less demand in Kuwait, which in turn pushes prices down and not up as you suggest.

  7. Buy the scary one barbers have, the one they put in milk or something..

  8. It looks pretty cool, but I was cracking up when you talked about sensitive areas hahahaha

  9. Where’s the video..hehe. j/k

  10. moocherx,, prices are high bcoz ppl CAN afford it

    suspic,, milk ?! lol

    i always use the razor,, the mach3 is doing a wonderful job

  11. TuKo

    i have one from uae 200 dhs

  12. Vampire, y’know the one he puts in a glass of white fluid?

    It’s a necessity in 7laq eljam3ya.

  13. Tartooob

    Is it water proof :P ? I really need something for sensitive areas too and I only shave while am in shower =P

  14. Stallion: you are right to doubt her

    Moocherx: Minimum margins in Kuwait are 80% and above!

    punky: They want more money!

    Laialy: Alah ebarik ib 7ayatich!

    suspic: lol

    ananyah: loool!

    MpJs: Not any time soon!

    vampire: you kidding me!

    This Lady: I will try! lol

    TuKo: I wouldn’t want a used one!

    suspic: lol!

    Tartoob: It will work in the shower fine, thats where I was using it!

    vampire: loool!

  15. PhunkyFresh

    Gotta Love Alghanim,

    Yo I got this from Wal-Mart a year and a half ago for $20.. less than 6K.D.

  16. moocherx

    Punky… I’m implying that Kuwait is a smaller market, hence distributors have to increase prices to maintain profits when providing “niche” products. They all have overheads.

  17. moocherx: I agree about the overheads but some companies rob the customers! I compare prices in Kuwait with UK, but still its too much!

  18. zizo77

    Is it safe to use it to trim around the the “nut sack”?

  19. zizo77: Your safe to try… that is all I can say

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