2008 Pratt & Miller Chevrolet Corvette C6RS


Pratt & Miller have their engineering capabilities from making super cars for the Le-Mans race and with this engineering capabilities they have created a high performance vehicle with everyday use. The C6RS is a modified corvette made to handle 600 bhp and 600 pounds of torque at the tip of your toes, with a naturally aspirated engine. It will be in production in April of 2008, what a machine to drive. I like that they have kept the look simple but most of the modifications being fucntional.

Link: SeriousWheels




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  1. the front fenders are over done imo

    i like the new z06 corvette

  2. Laialy: I think this would have been a better night rider then the damn mustang!

    vampire: Really, I think its pretty damn good!

  3. Halicy

    youre right Laialy and Mazouq.. that should be the new night rider. the mustang SUCKS!

  4. EL ALY

    sick!! Zook you should have asked for this Corvette at the dealership when we went

  5. El Aly: read the production date and get back to me, then I shall smack you upside your head!

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