SIM2 C3X 1080 DLP Projector


I’m always on the lookout for high quality Home Theater Projectors which are reasonably priced but have extremely good picture quality. Sim2 is one of those companies that consistantly make high quality projectors with whatever price you have in mind, but this C3X 1080 is a fully loaded projector with all the bells and whistles to make the clearest picture possible in your enviroment. 10000:1 contrast ratio with a HD upscaling, and a color-management software that allows installers to adjust the projector to home theater enviroment. They have gone all out with this projector, but the price is up there as well. If money isn’t an issue then this should be at the top of the list for a Home Theater.

Price: $31’995

Link: Engadget

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  1. That’s around 10k KD… WOW. Now imagine sitting on the sofa and reaching back for something and accidentally shoving this little beauty off the table… there goes your 10k.

  2. 31$ would be a reasonable price too, there are waaaaaaaaaaaay better projectors and would still cost a third of what this projector charge……!!!

  3. lol if this is reasonably priced then 4,000KD carbon fiber rims sound like a steal!

  4. K: For what your getting, but this ins’t reasonably priced! I’m just saying if money isn’t an issue!

    Shaymaa: hahaha!

    Laialy: yup, but if money is no issue then you should get it!

    EXzombie: Not with this technology is about what the machine packs. This is a quality product.

    G-Funk: You check the link!

    Mark: hahaha! You still remember!

  5. A!

    Marzouq i am broke becuase of your reasonably priced items!!

  6. A!: I didn’t take your credit card and swiped it now did I!

  7. Seven Oranges

    I actually have the C3X 720 version and it is truly superb with any hi def (not 1080i) material. Even the Blueray picture downsampled is fantastic. This projector is a lot more expensive and I am really wondering whether it is worth the improvement of getting full 1080i. On the other hand the move to 720i produced eye-popping results that have spoilt me for life…..

  8. Seven Oranges

    Sorry for getting my is and ps mixed up in the post above and also I meant to say downscaled rather than downsampled.

    One further question to all: is it better to have 720p (which is what a lot of HD TV is broadcast at nowdays) upscaled to 1080i in a native 1080i projector OR keep the 720p native projector and downscale the 1080i picture. As I am interested in getting a Blue Ray player I was curious as to which was the better option from those who had compared the two.

    It is common conventional wisdom that 720p produces smoother pitcures for subjects in motion, sports etc. but the interlaced 1080 is better for less rapid motion video….hence I wonder if there will ever be a clear cut answer to whether this projector is the best available today and the price therefore justifiable.

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