Trip Back


Checkout of the hotel, everything was pretty much ready. I wanted to make one stop before going to the airport but I was running late. I wanted to pass by the Tristar in Dubai and see their setup but didn’t have a chance, it would have taken over an hour to go to the shop and come back because of traffic but I wasn’t sure I had the time.

There wasn’t too much traffic on the drive to the airport, and it was really nice and cool on the way there. This time I was checking into the Business Class which has a different entrance, made things a lot quicker. After checking in I decided to go get the E-Gate Card since it would make entering and exiting that much simpler.

The airport was packed full of people, after security there is that long walk way from the security to the checkin, I don’t think they could make it any damn longer.


When I got to Kuwai the airport was packed with people, the immigrations were over flowing. It felt like it was friday market and it was a free for all, just pure insanity. I managed to get my bags quickly and got to my car in the parking pretty quickly.

A guy who is just trying to enjoy life!


  1. welcome back home :) i say u better start takin fliying lessons b4 the end of this yr!

  2. el 7emdella 3al salamah :)

    I love dubai .. I wanna give it a visit before this year is up!

  3. Ms. D: Thanks! I think I should be behind plane controls or else you will see a plane doing stunts in Kuwait!

    Cat: Alah esalmich, its worth a visit if you haven’t been there in a while!

  4. welkum baaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaack! did you get the chance to see any cool movies?

  5. 7emdella 3’salama :-) Good to have you back

  6. jewaira

    Who are those cute little boys in the 3rd photo? Could they be a football team by any chance?

  7. Laialy: alah esalmich!

    ananyah: Thanks! I saw three movies! It was good!

    Ansam: alah esalmich! thank you thank you! lol :)

    jewaira: They were just some cute looking boys that I wanted to take a picture of as I was coming down the escalator!

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