Creative Zen: DOA


I can’t imagine my luck with this product. My first MP3 player in 99 was a Creative Player and it has 32 MB which was huge back then. Now I got the Creative Zen 8 GB from the Virgin Store in Mall of the Emirates. I thought it was going to be great and I could use it without any issues, I tried it since their were a lot of them available to tried at different Electronic stores int he mall.

I read online that a lot of people were having software and hardware issues with this player but it also got a lot of good reviews so I thought to try my luck.

I just had no luck with the product:

  • I picked it up on Friday night and charged it for four hours as stated, and I kept getting a white screen. I tried everything to get out of the white screen but nothing happened.
  • I took it back to Virgin on Saturday and when I gave it to them, they immediately replaced it with a new one.
  • They tested the new one by switching it on and trying it on a plug which seemed to work and I could see the interface and everything was working.
  • I picked it up on Saturday and charged it, while charging it went into recovery mood.
  • I didn’t have a chance to get out of that mode until getting to Kuwait.
  • There was no solution to get out of Recovery Mode, except to upgrade the Firmware
  • So I erased the current Firmware and tried installing the new Firmware which I downloaded from the Manufacturer.
  • After 99% of the installation of the Firmware and rebooting, it did this all on its own. Everything seemed working fine until it said “Firmware Problem”
  • The only solution based on the website is to send it to the main reseller which is difficult since I am in Kuwait and I am not aware how it is in Kuwait.
  • Now the Search Begins!

Avoid the Creative Zen

Link: Amazon

A guy who is just trying to enjoy life!


  1. I have one of those, thank GOD ina I still didn’t have a problem. Watch me go home and find it not working! LOL! Inshala la’a!!

  2. Must be a defective piece. Tough luch.
    It does seem to have lot of stuff going for it. I like the fact that you can play DivX – which means just download from torrents and you are up and running.

    Not sure if the screen is big enough for comfortable video viewing.

  3. mushroom

    cant you bring it back again to where you bought it and tell them to replace it with a different brand? either you add or something…

  4. And that is the reason why everything not ipod sucks!

  5. Two “Defective Zens” in a row! Yea, they should drop Creative and go with Defective now, it sounds more promising.

    Though I am sorry to hear about your unfortunate luck!

  6. Ah, Yalla enshalla you’ll find a solution for it, especially if you mention that you had two defective ones in a row.. hopefully they’ll do something about it.

  7. Chirp: Inshalla your Zen never breaks, but this was just ridiculous!

    cajie: Two Defective pieces! Really tough luck! It is pretty comfortable for video viewing when your just relaxing!

    mushroom: I bought it from Virgin Dubai, I changed the first one but by the time I found out the second one doesn’t work I was already in Dubai!

    Jacqui: Screw that!

    Laialy: thanks, it is but I will find a solution!

    MpJs: I didn’t want to wait!

    mishref: Phone should be seperate from MP3 player! Thats my case!

    Shaymaa: Thanks, I will hopefully find a solution!

  8. wow u can play divx on this? thats pretty cool

  9. Ahmad

    I suggest that you get yourself a sandisk sansa player (if you don’t want to get an ipod nano). It’s a very nice player!

    Or, alternatively, get a Nokia N95 8GB.

  10. moocherx

    I was watching some movies on the plane back to kuwait last week on my N95 8GB. Aside from the length of time it takes to convert from DivX to MP4 (or whatever it is it needs to convert to)… it’s v. awesome!

  11. Ahmad: Don’t want a phone/mp3 player combination, and the Sansa’s interface feels outdated!

    moocherx: I tend to want to keep things separated when it comes to functionality!

  12. sam

    its a simple problem just contact with costmer support and parcel ur player to singapore the main headquater og creative they can fix this

  13. sam

    contact me i will tell u in detail . this is my cell number 919216505919

  14. sam: The cost of the shipment would cost the same.. so it isn’t worth it.

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