Friday Ride!


We decided to meet up early Friday morning since we were going to head to Julai’a for our Starbucks stop and enjoy the ride the whole way there. It was around 9:00 am when we got started and we headed for the gas station, there weren’t too many cars on the road, and this was the second time for my friend to come out to some place this far.


We were taking it easy on the turns since he isn’t completely familiar with all the roads. We headed out as soon as we filled up our tanks at the Bayan Gas Station. The roads were relatively empty except for the micro-buses and large trucks on the road. There were a few people on the way to the beach house, but as we were riding we got rhythm to our ride so much so that we flowed through the traffic that was in front of us.


As soon as we got to the beach house area at Mina Abdulla we were really enjoying the inside roads except for those damn bumps. There are some parts which are really nice and some which are annoying. The problem I have is that there are some bumps that people build and they don’t paint them. I can understand that they want people to slow down, but not painting the bumps is hazardous to cars and especially bikes.


After finishing up in Julai’a we headed out from there back to Marina to meet up with some friends for breakfast, it seems they were their for a while but we were enjoying our ride too much to head their early. My friend has improved a huge amount since he first started riding, he has got confidence is riding but he is cautious and I could see it in his riding. You can really read people from their riding, and he is confident but he knows he needs experience so he isn’t pushing his luck with is a good thing.


















A guy who is just trying to enjoy life!


  1. Hmmm starbucks *drool* & those fries looked amazing!

    I miss Robo, bring back Robo! Pyro is so overused these days!

  2. hope the minister didn’t catch u this time :P~

    and for ur partner: “always keep it within ur limits ;)”

    nice PICs

  3. Purgatory

    you will be known as the rider who takes shots of his bike in the desert for everyone going that way ;p

  4. Aaah I love these days! so fun and relaxing ^_^ Glad you had fun

  5. chocolate swiss roll! this little treat is the reason why i turn the other cheek at every starbucks in the neighbourhood *yes too many starbucks where i live* and now just when am about to sleep algaha jidamy tkhezny! thanks!

  6. why does the sky look so blue???? did u photoshop these pics @_- *looking deeply into the pics with one eye*

  7. ananyah: loool! The Fries were very good! You shall see, so calm down! lol

    vampire: We stopped on the “right side” of the road this time and nobody passed us by!!! lol! The partner is showing his fangs! lol

    Jacqui: loool! yup!

    Purg: looool! I thought I was the food guy!

    Kaileena: yup!! Thanks!

    Ms. D: loooooooooooooooool! That made me laugh!

    Laialy: Nope, I just took the normal shots I do! I pretty much don’t photoshop any shots, I just keep clicking away!

  8. Is that chocolate cake/swiss roll from starbucks? shakilha KILLER!

  9. Ansam: Its pretty good, it looks better then it tastes!

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