Relaxing Weekend


It was just one of those weekends that was needed, I have a friend from out of town I’m hanging out with for a bit. Other then that if I’m not riding I’m pretty much at home.

I managed to watch a few movies, a lot of Japanese Animation, and I took a 2 – 3 hour nap on a couch on Friday. It was well needed, and I still slept early that Friday night because I knew I was going to go riding in the morning.


I also passed by the Coop and picked up one month’s supply worth of KDD ice cream, not really for me, but for friends to have a selection when they come over. Usually a friend of ours keeps getting us KDD, so I’m addicted again to KDD. The surprising thing is that Petra and KDCow have taken up a lot of marketshare and shelf space while KDD has dropped back a bit and thats disappointing.


Back to being lazy, I wasn’t that lazy just relaxing at home reading magazines and catching up on some books. Organizing a few things on my PC and seeing which series I haven’t watched and so I downloaded them to make sure I have them for later reference such as The Wire, Bleach, Naruto, and a few other shows. I would be active in the mornings and lazy in the afternoons, it just felt good to relax for the past two days.

A guy who is just trying to enjoy life!


  1. sounds like a good chillax weekend ^_^ i look forward to something similar

  2. Laialy: yup it was good, just not long enough, Eid is in two days so no problems there.

  3. Good.. I am glad you had some “Marzouq” time :-) You SO needed that.. be prepared for this loooooooooooong Eid weekend :-)

  4. I have always wanted to watch that show – the wire – … i still have one more exam day though, and then i could begin relaxing :)

  5. Ansam: Riding is going to be fun this weekend!

    KWT23: Congrats, The Wire is a damn good show!

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