Early Lunch


So after that little incident we were all up early in the morning and so we headed to Marina, to Johnny Rockets to be exact. At 11:40 am and we wanted our burgers and fries, but they told us its breakfast time only, so we complained until we got our chili cheese fries and Rocket Double burgers. It was funny since a few weeks back we at lunch there at 8:00 am so I was a bit surprised about what they said, we were just laughing as complaining.


It was damn cold so we kept ordered hot chocolates to keep us warm, and one of our friends kept getting a mix of hot chocolate and coffee which worked for him. It was a fantastic day just to relax outside, we were laughing our heads off the whole time were there and freezing as well, the heaters wouldn’t want to work. After that we took the long way back home and enjoyed the beautiful weather.




A guy who is just trying to enjoy life!


  1. how come everything is half eaten or already eaten? :P

  2. Come on dude, you have to try their breakfast. It is REALLY good. Nothing better than an omlette from Johnny’s on a cool cold day. I had breakfast at Johnny’s on the first day of eid after the eid prayers — it’s become a tradition between me and my father…we always eat breakfast there the first day of eid :P

  3. i really don’t like those fries I stick to the original more familiar fries
    3laikom bil 3afyaa ^_^

  4. jewaira

    Yummy yummy fill your tummy… 3awafy

  5. lunch for breakfast! interesting!

  6. Ms. D: Everyone was too damn hungry to wait!

    K: hahaha!

    KWT23: Hell no, nothing is better then chilli cheese fries on a cold day! That is a very good tradition!

    vampire: thank you!

    Laialy: Alah e3afeech!

    jewaira: alah e3afeech! Yup we were full!

    eshda3wa: alah e3afeech, soon inshalla!

    Ansam: yup.. all day everyday!

  7. loool, i like everything about johnny rockets…but u have to also try their breakfast…it is really good.

  8. Mrm

    Johnny :( oh sweet Johnny

  9. KWT23: I’m not a breakfast guy!

    Mrm: lol!

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