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I have been asked this question a few times, basically how do I find the anime that I watch. Well it would be considered a complex formula with multiple layers to it. There are lots of sources of information and recommendations for anime, then there are the fansubs (the people that translate the Japanese dialogue and insert the subtitles).

My source of information is AnimeNewsNetwork, they provide me with information regarding any Anime in its Japanese or English name. The first thing I do is see if the story interests me, and I’m usually interested in all forms anime.

Information: AnimeNewsNetwork

Then I take a look at the Fansubs and what they are currently working on, having a quality fansub can make or break an Anime, a bad fansub will get you annoyed with the storyline since the dialogue won’t match the action taking place and it would drive you nuts, so quality subtitles is important. So if a fansub group is working on a new project then I check out a few episodes, and if I like it then I follow it.


  • Shinsen Subs
  • Dattebayo
  • Ani-Kraze
  • Triad
  • Mendoi
  • Shinsen-Corp
  • Megami
  • GG
  • Order
  • BSS

The only issue with Fansubs is that the smaller ones disappear after a while, the bigger ones stay like the ones from the top of my list.


Another way is to check out a few forums or groups for anime, but some anime forums are too intense. One forum that I recommend for anime is the OffTopic Forum, but only the anime part of the forum because the other part they are a bit too aggressive.


Then there is MyAnimeList which is a really well built social site for anime and those who want to follow their anime or see recommendations. One person built the whole site, and it is amazing how simple and useful the site is. I use it to get a few recommendations as well as keep tabs on all the shows I am watching.

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  1. why do anime characters always look white, clean, and perfect? =/

  2. I would like to take a moment… to thank all the fansubs out there.. for all their hard work, effort and time…

  3. Anime fails to attract me.

    I need conviction. Yeah, strong conviction. I always associated Anime with baseless aggressive cartoons.

  4. i used to watch animi when i was in highschool ..
    i remmeber a few like .. guyver .. and akera i think!

    they were good ones ;)

    oh and happy new year :D

  5. Anime News Network is where i go if i want to read a synopsis of a certain anime, its always up to date and user-friendly!

    Happy new year!

  6. Outkasty: Really? There are some mixed up characters!

    Shaymaa: I agree 100%!!!!

    manutdfanatic: Really, I think you might not have seen the right type of anime!

    chikaP: Thanks!! You too! :)

    no3ik: Those are some good ones!! Happy New Year to you too!

    Kaileena: That is why I like it! Happy New Year to you too! :)

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