Dubai Service Indifference


I have been to Dubai enough to experience the different levels of service they have, and there is one conclusion that I have come to. They really don’t care, its a bit of a facade that they give personal service but they don’t they only really give good service if they know you.


At this point there are so many people always going to Dubai and a lot who want to do different things so they always have a different experience. They always try to get as much money as possible from the people passing through and they don’t care for a personal touch. What one person told its very simple for them, if your not going to buy it somebody else will.







A guy who is just trying to enjoy life!


  1. When I first started going to Dubai I was smitten and I got all caught up in it, but with regular trips there (sometimes up to 6 a year for business/training) and staying at different hotels visiting different companies etc I realize that the Gulf citizen is treated different than a Westerner, meaning less hospitality and charm is exerted, its as if our business is not welcome (even though Kuwait and the Gulf states own a large chunk of real estate there and businesses).

    What they are doing, the contruction, the transparency, the vision, but it is getting to be a very impersonal city, crowded, sparawling, fake, it also seems to be losing its humanity, the Gulf/Muslim aura of hospitality and the personal common touch.

    I do however admire their infrastructure, their quality control, their ability to fix problems quickly as opposed to spending years forming 5 year plans and consultative councils that lead nowhere.

  2. eventually their bad service will catch up to em n bite their behinds

  3. those are some nice pictures … i guess the Dubai and other places have yet to realize that customer experience is an important part of their business.

  4. amer: I do agree, I like how they can solve issues quickly and they are quick to react, but I feel like they are losing a part of their humanity and the arab lifestyle.

    Ansam: yup!

    eshda3wa: We shall see how long that would take!

    Laialy: exactly, we shall see when they do realize that! Thanks :)

  5. Frankly, if you ask me the Emirates never had a distinct enough
    Arab lifestyle to begin with that they now risk losing.

    As for service standards in Dubai, they are better than most places
    I have visited in Europe but of late, a sense of complacency has slipped in, lowering the standard. The same I think applies to
    Emirates in-flight service, as well although many might disagree with me on that one. Somehow flying Emirates used to be alot more
    fun in the early 90s than it is now. There has come to be a fundamental shift in Dubai’s preference ( much of it doctored ) from the Gulf Arab or subcontinental tourist to the Western tourists and business clientele.

    With all its negatives, a supposedly morally uptight Kuwait is far more live-able compared to the Dubai of 2008.

  6. euphemia buramiya: I agree with you 100%, this sense of complacency is slipping in, no longer the standards they want to keep. They have lost the sense of personal touch. I agree, Kuwait has a homely feel to it, that people are living here, but Dubai feels like a stop over of some sort!

  7. Dubai is very synthetic; very pseudo if you will. I’ve always
    found it a strange dichotomy that whereas on the one hand
    they have a Sharia compliant jurisprudence on the other hand
    boozing, prostitution, gaming & clubbing and money laundering are given such wide berth. I am not condemning any one of
    them outright as it is an individual’s choice nevertheless, makes you
    wonder where it’s all coming from?!

  8. Poeme: Its really confusing, they have pushed the line but they are trying to accomodate westerners so they are tolerating all these changes. Lots on their plate, that is for sure.

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