KTM 990 Super Duke


The KTM Super Duke is one of the funnest bikes I have ever ridden. I have ridden the normal KTM Super Duke, and they have come up with the KTM Super Duke R which is the racing version for the consumer.


They have modified the bike to be more inclined to be aggressive on turns, and some issues are resolved with the steering dampner when it comes to tank slapping. The engine is just a bundle of fun, so much low end torque you come out of every corner smiling. This machine is built to carve corners, you will never get off this machine without a smile.


If I could I would get my hands on this machine because its so much damn fun. KTM make high quality motorcycles and this one is no different.

Link: WebBikeWorld

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  1. i don’t really know much about bikes, but that is one hell of a cool bike!

  2. DAMN~! (O_O) ““““`

    i can’t wait for the RC8 to be release

  3. hot wheels i think you wrote about the KTM Super Duke before! Awesome machine!

  4. El Aly

    The back looks like its not even attached to the rest of it! Sick zooky, is it costly?

  5. KWT23: You are right on the dot with this one!

    vampire: What a beast thats going to be!

    N: I did, but this is a must!!

    El Aly: Not too bad, but still an expensive bike!

  6. paul shorrock

    Hi ,strange question especially considering the purpose of this bike.
    do you happen to know if the seat can be converted back to the pillion seat for when my wife dares to come on the bike with me

  7. Paul: I’m sorry, its a single seater! I feel your pain, but this machine is meant for one pilot!

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