Festival City Dubai


Dubai has done it again and built this supermall on the outskirts towards old Dubai, I didn’t eve know this mall existed until my friend wanted to take us their for lunch. Festival City Dubai was built with many different shops in mind, there is a lot of repititions in the mall but there is also a lot of different stores opened up in these malls. Whats unique about this mall is the way they have designed this mall and how they have made it decentralized, there are different parts to this mall that makes it feel like its multiple buildings instead of one huge building. Still its fun to walk through and check it out, and this mall is big enough that you will get lost without some sense of direction, we almost lost someone.









A guy who is just trying to enjoy life!


  1. i don’t know about this mall

    this shisha is from cafe`blanc

  2. i loved that mall… and i really liked Uptown mirdif really nice esp when the weather is amazing!!!

    want a sheesha like that one!

  3. I don’t blame me for not noticing this mall sooner Marzouq. I won’t be surprised if there is a mall in the sewers of Dubai. They exist in every nook and cranny over there.

  4. Dubai is the shopping capital of the world…nice shoots

  5. vampire: yup! The one in that mall!

    Rashisha: I have no clue where that place is! yup its a nice sheesha!

    Angelo: They exist everywhere!!

    TRiPLE M: Yup it is! Thanks!

    eshda3wa: Then this one would give you a migrane!

  6. their restaurants are good and the waterfront area is quite nice too…

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