Lippi Selk Sleeping Bag


Whoever thought of this product is genius! A sleeping bag you can wear, this bag is designed for you to be warm while still being able to move. I don’t know why but this guy reminds me of a traffic cone. Also if your a lazy bum at home this is also the perfect piece of clothing, sleep where ever you may be.

Price: £89.00

Link: LippiSelkBag

A guy who is just trying to enjoy life!


  1. I must have a blanket to cover up in. This doesn’t satisfy.

    He looks like a man-bee hybrid.

  2. this is perfect for when you just woke up and want to take the bed with you to wash up!

  3. It would help alot hehehe I just adore it.

  4. I wouldnt be surprised to see this be the new ‘thing’ to wear in kuwait.

    But it’s an awesome idea for camping!

  5. hahaha nice. lay as u drop i think it would be good for the heavy drinkers :P.

  6. Perfect for the kind of weather we’ve been having but it must not be very easy to go to the bathroom in that….

  7. looks exactly like what the snow cleaning people wear – i would buy it

  8. Rashisha: Me Too! lol

    suspic: hahaha! I was thinking that too!

    EniGma: loool!

    Jacqui: You wouldn’t leave the house!

    abdvllah: that is what I’m thinking about, amazing for camping!

    z: hahaha!

    Jewaira: the bathroom is an easy solution, but it helps to stay home!

    nq: me too!

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