I have been saving up on a lot of shows, and just recently I have started watching Heroes Season 2. Some people didn’t like the way things were going, but I didn’t care since Heroes is a show which I loved from the beginning. I knew that it was worth saving up all the episodes and watching it one go.


This season is really interesting, I like how some of the character’s powers seem to be deeper then they expected. The story behind everything is unraveling so you get to see what really happened from the beginning. I really couldn’t believe what was happening in some episodes and I was on my toes, but its great to have the next episode so I kept watching this amazing show. This writers guild strike is really getting in the way and I can only delay reaching the limit of all the shows.

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  1. you wait?? lol i download them 3ala6ool and then WAIT for a week.. which is annoying but also fun in its own way (i LOVE clifhangers)

  2. The show is more than great its the best. so sad its not yet complete

  3. heroes and the big bang theory are my two favorite shows now. lets just hope the strike ends!

  4. I have all the episdoes in HD if you didn’t already get em.

  5. I saw the licked add for Season 2 ( part 2 ) !! there is a Big surprise waiting for us !

    The best 2 Villain i’ve ever seen are syler and sephiroth ( FF7 ) ! both fun to watch , and hate !

  6. I agree with Shaymaa….last year’s best show was HEROE’S…and this year so far its THE BIG BANG THEORY. It’s amazing!!

  7. EniGma: I love piling up all the shows to watch them one go!

    TRiPLE M: I agree, this strike is annoying!

    Shaymaa: I have big bang theory, but I haven’t watched it! This strike is getting ridiculous!

    K: We will be in contact!

    Laialy: Who doesn’t!

    Laziale: You just have to love hating a villan!

    KWT23: I haven’t seen it yet, but I will take a look!

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