Running Around


This is has been a very full weekend with the family and some friends, I got a lot done but I still feel like I didn’t have enough time to do all that I want and that is always going to be the case.

I managed to get a lot done and go out to do a few fun things. The main thing in my case was that I wanted to organize the files that I had, I have also added restricted MAC List to all my Routers because I have seen that random people have been joining my wireless randomly and I was messing with them when they were connected.

I watched copious amounts of anime and I still needed more time to watch more since things are getting interesting.

Riding this weekend was a lot of fun, and the cold weather has been perfect for riding. I wish we had a track in Kuwait to enjoy ourselves even more.

A guy who is just trying to enjoy life!


  1. Good luck with accomplishing what needs to be done!
    btw: is that ur hand in the pic? :P

  2. yalaahwee! ur hand reminded me of mine back in elementary skool! musta7el afham lu ma ashkha6 on a body part ;p

  3. Bader

    Hey Marouq, Im glad you had fun riding, I sold my Honda 954 about two months ago and i have been dying to ride again ever since. If i can make a suggestion about the wirless issue, why dont you change the encryption (use WPA) and disable the SSID broadcast, that way, when ever someone would search for a wireless network, they wouldn’t see your network, the only thing is that everytime you want to connect a new device to your wirless netowrk, you would have to manually create a wireless profile on that device, but it would save you the task of accessing ur routers and adding the MAC address for every new device.

    Cool pic BTW.

  4. “I watched copious amounts of anime”

    Put down the thesaurus.

  5. KWT23: No no! lol! Will try!

    Ms. D: loooooooool!

    Outkasty: Law embarshim chan moo chithy, chan daakhil el qamees! hehehe! Not my hands! lol

    Bader: I locked the MAC Address list so thats much easier! Thanks! WPA Slows down the connection and that is something I don’t want!

    K: Damn you! lol

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