Customs and More!!


I really don’t know what customs do on a daily basis, all they do is stop shipments and nothing else.

I have bought the Onkyo TX-SR875 from Dubai since it was cheaper then buying it from the UK, and Alghanim Electronics don’t do anything useful with their brands.

The shipment arrived in Kuwait on Saturday, and they have stopped the shipment saying that its too heavy to be one piece of equipment. And then they are asking if it has a card slot for tv stations or if it can make phone calls, these guys are idiots. When I made it clear that it doesn’ t do any of that and it basically a audio/video reciever for the home they asked to get my MOC clearance, and I explained to them that I don’t even have a landline in my name, they said I need to prove that.

This process has taken over 4 days and they are really idiots, its driving me nuts. I’m hoping that I get my items by the morning if possible. They are stopping all shipments these days, I really don’t understand, if they want to do something they should just charge the 5% and move on.

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  1. Get a random receipt from Al-Ghanim then go to customs. Tell them that the unit is a replacement straight from Dubai because the one you purchased broke and they didn’t have it in stock.

  2. moocherx

    Although it’s a nuisance to have to do it, but it’s almost worth getting a cheap morning flight to Dubai, heading for a shopping centre, and bringing back whatever it is you want on the return in the afternoon.

    Crazy, but seems it may be necessary sooner or later. Long way to go to the shops though…

  3. moocherx:
    Been there, done that .. the salesperson came to the airport and took the same flight back on its return. Was in Dubai for less than an hour.

  4. Corolla Man (AE86)

    they shouldnt charge u a fills because u got it from dubai and there is this rule that u dont pay taxis from gcc countries

  5. this is making me a little weary about my shipment :/

  6. K: That would work, but then they are idiots!

    moocherx: I know what you mean, the customs here are pure idiots! I did that a couple of times but for this I thought it could be easier!

    K: hahaha! We should do that!

    Corolla Man: I think they are stupid!

    K: He has been taking lessons!

    Laialy: Its going to be a bit tough but you can get it out!

  7. lfc-q8

    i guess corrola man works in the same place as me when ever i post at work it goes under corrola man i dont know why :(

  8. BZ

    A friend of mine once ordered a laptop online and when it arrived to customs they asked for clearance from MOC since the laptop spec sheet mentioned a FAX/MODEM!!!

  9. lfc-q8: really! Which comment? Also here?

    BZ: They are idiots, really idiots! You can’t regulate technology, they should improve their services for people to use them, not to become the idiots they have become!

  10. How much does it go for in Dubai? I’m about to buy one here in Oman and if it’s cheaper in Dubai it might be worth the drive.

    I was shocked in your earlier post when you said the price was 480KD. It should be about 100KD less if not more.

  11. muscati: Thats the price from the UK and Dubai, thats where I found it online. I bought it from Dubai for 480 KD.

  12. I booked one here in Oman for 480 OMR, which is about 4600 dirhams. 1 Kuwaiti Dinar is about 13.5 dirhams so 480 KD would come out to be 6500 dirhams!

  13. muscati: thats weird!! I checked everywhere, that is the price around the product!

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