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I have had the Infrant Ready NAS NV for over a 16 months now, and an Infrant Ready NAS NV+ for 12 months now. My Ready NAS NV shorted out a little while ago, but it was after the one year warranty period, I managed to get to the data since I was able to move the hard drives to the other NAS even though it is slightly different, whats important is that I enter those Hard Drives in the same order that they were in the other NAS. I was able to access all my data after the data was rebuilt which is exactly why I got this product, if hardware failure be it the hard drive or NAS, my data was safe.


The main thing is that this product is extremely robust but there were a few cases of the Power Supply Unit (PSU) burning out towards the end or after the warranty period. I didn’t get around to contacting them, but I have now and I thought to fix it since I need the space. When I contacted Netgear support, since Infrant was bought out by Netgear, I was pleasantly surprised they are fixing my unit free of charge even after the warranty period, they are sending me the Power Supply Unit and told me to send back the broken one after I have installed the new one which is fantastic. They take a credit card to hold just incase if you don’t return the broken unit, but I don’t mind since I’m going to send it right back.

As soon as it is fixed I am installing four 1 TB Hitachi drives to use as a media server and have everything stored on that.

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  1. I wouldn’t send back the broken PSU if shipping costs more than the unit. Also, I highly suggest going with the WD 1tb drives (WD10EACS), they are cheaper, quieter and use less power. . perfect for long term disk server.

    Finally … 4 x 1tb is for amateurs, you need to move up a real server. :P

  2. moocherx

    Excellent to hear a good customer service story, irrespective of whether requesting the old unit back/shipping costs is the practical thing to do.

  3. K: I will check those out if they are compatible with the NAS, that is the only issue. Right now I know that the Hitachi have no issues, and this NAS works fine for me!

    moocherx: yup

    Outkasty: loooool!

  4. I love those products! I have the NV+ I’m pretty happy with it el7emdelah.

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