Weather Fluctuation


What has been going on for the past couple of days has been nothing short of insane, it has gone from cold to warm back to cold. I look forward to the weekend just so I can go riding but that is shot because of the 25- 37 Km/h winds. It has made it difficult for people to be outside so most of everyone is staying in or going to the malls.

We went to the Avenues for breakfast and the mall was relatively empty. We enjoyed our early afternoon there before each one heading their own way. It has been a crazy time the past week, it went from 16C during the day to 25C and then back down to 15C, I think the winds have been because of the drastic temperature changes, but I’m not the weather man. I just hope it gets better so that I can ride, riding when its windy is not a good thing.

A guy who is just trying to enjoy life!


  1. I was there this morning too and it was quiet EXCEPT for carrefour! First time for me there and maybe the last! LOL… I wish I stayed at home! I have been coughing my lungs out all day :-(

  2. it was soooo windy on my way back home yesterday. all head wind and i froze my ass off!

  3. tell me about it! i was just at Avenues, and when i reached there it was 10 degrees, when we left it was 23!

  4. ee haw il-3jaire mentioned enna “el-bard 6ala3 min il-baad o dash min il-dereesha” lool gal gal il-rayaal

  5. the weather has me seeing my bed as my only escape

  6. Ansam: Damn!

    Mark: Told you, to wait it out!

    KWT23: The strangest thing!

    Outkasty: hahaha!

    Laialy: haha! I’m thinking TV!

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