Alghanim Electronics and some issues


A few things have been annoying me with Alghanim Electronics, they have become sort of a warehouse of electronics in Kuwait. They have also recently opened in Avenues mall, and it is a mix of items in that store. If your not sure of some electronic product you want, you can pass by and check out what they have. They have taken the distributorship of different brands from the small places in Kuwait to themselves.

One of those brands is Onkyo, the reason I went through the hectic loops of getting the an Onkyo receiver from outside Kuwait is because they don’t seem to bring the new models which have been out for over 6 months now. It used to belong to ETC the home theater company, and their margins were reasonable but the same product ETC sold, Alghanim sold at another 25% markup. One receiver that I saw they were selling at 1500 KD, ETC was selling at 1000 KD, and even with the 20% cash discount it would be 1200 KD. They would still be making a huge margin, they took away the competition leaving them no room to work. Their pricing is pretty bad on some products and they don’t have the best support, unless you buy their “extra” warranty.

Then there is the cabling, they are the dealers of Monster Cables from the US. They have all the different types of cables for Video, Audio, Accessory Connectivity, and more. This is great as options for us, but their pricing is also very high. They sell 15 ft HDMI cable for around for around 20 KD, and the 6 ft ones for 8 KD, these prices are slightly inflated by 150 to 400% depending on the length. Its just really annoying seeing this type of pricing for all the products, they think people are idiots, they raise the prices high enough and provide a discount making it look like they got it for cheaper.

A guy who is just trying to enjoy life!


  1. Just them! half the places in Kuwait sell at insanely inflated prices … boog ashkarah!

  2. Everything is over priced here are you kidding me, the way they justify it always is shipping!

    The problem is the fact that there is no competition, if we only had proper and decent shipping services to Kuwait, where you can buy everything AND EVERYONE has access to the internet Al Ghanim electronic would operate like Best Buy ready to shine your shoes just to walk in .. by the way works.

  3. dude .. alghanim electronics are stupid

    For example .. they place an item with a sticker price of 100kd

    if u buy it cash u get a 20% discount and u end up paying 80 kd

    and when u pay by installments u get 20% interest and u end up paying 120 kd

    so .. the 100kd means nothing .. u can never buy it with the sticker price

    thats marketing bullshit

    its another way of saying .. u pay 120kd with installments on an 80kd cash item … meaning its a 50% interest .. instead of 20%

    also i want to point that .. they shouldnt have a higher margin than ETC .. since they are bigger and the cost is less .. with economics of scale ..

    they are just greedy

    also ,, their salesmen are very very bad in electronics . they dont know anything … if u go to Al-Andalus that sells SAMSUNG .. they are experts

  4. lfc-q8

    hmm arnt samsung dealer in kuwait “andalus” monster cable dealers?

  5. what lialy said, it’s not just them who’se selling things at hugely inflated prices

  6. discount my ass. that’s just tricking people into buying their overpriced products

  7. I haven’t purchased anything from alghanim in like 3 years I think. I really don’t like them.

  8. I never purchased anything from alghanim my whole entire life. I’m a big fan of SONY products, and always got them from the dealer, I got stuff from eureka as well.

    Radioshack is a huge great store in Amman, don’t we have one here in Kuwait?

  9. Regarding the monster cables! I wanted to get some and I went to all the branches and they didn’t have sub wires and the good audio cables except in the Fahaheel branch!

  10. Ja

    Check out for cables. That’s where I got mine from, they’re dirt cheap over there. Another piece of advise, don’t shell more than 10 bucks on HDMI cables, since its a digital signal and wont get effected like analog cables. Don’t get ripped off by Monster’s marketing mombo jumbo.

  11. lfc-q8

    Ja thanks for the heads up

  12. Q80 In Denver

    Marzouq .. Don’t buy MonsterCable .. Very Expensive and it’s not better than other HDMI cables from other compnaies! I found out a Monster Cable for $100 The same length and the same bullshit for $4.00 !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! and Yes I have the HDMI cable over 6 months and working amazingly for High Def movies and PS3!

  13. Q80 In Denver

    Yes ! Monoprice are Awesome :)

  14. Laialy: You are right, but with them they are trying to deceive!

    Jasem: everything is expensive in Kuwait!

    Murqab: I agree with you Al Andalus/Centro is a lot better then Alghanim Electronics with their staff. They are knowledgle!

    lfc-q8: I’m not sure, thats what I thought too!

    EniGma: I know, but everyone just states the price and moves on!

    abdvllah: yup!

    Mark: I have had to!

    Moey: Sony is even worse in Kuwait! They mark it up 100%! And no discounts! Radioshack shutdown in Kuwait!

    Stallion: Really? They seemed to have carried stock!

    Ja: I love monoprice, I always get cables form them if I am not in need!

    lfc-q8: Its good!

    Q80InDenver: I know what you mean, but there is a certain level that has to be sustained! And I get all the cables from Monoprice!

  15. Unlike other users, My experience with Alghanim Electronics was very different. They are the most friendly company I have ever found in Kuwait.

    My freezer was not working after 7 months of delivery. Their service came and took the my freezer and gave me a replacment freezer, so that my things in freezer could not be spolied. I was very much impressed because it was really very thoughtful and real customer care.

    I like Alghanim Service, because they are very caring. …..

  16. Saad

    Just for the guys who want better shipping in kuwait,
    Aramex enables you to have a post box in US where u can post your online shopped items. And Aramex will courier it to you.

  17. Irfan: I think it must be different for different items!

    Saad: I do have aramex, I think most people do!

  18. domnic

    the company is very good , but sales staff in not trained and can speek english

  19. domnic

    alganim staff is hopeless the cant speek english also all i see new staff

  20. I USE TO BUY LOT OF ITEMS FROM Alghanim vehicals household items and electronics many many items.

    recently i had very bad experience

    I called for complain about my freidge which is notworking only 2 month from purchese date . while i call no one respond for more than 7 time i attempted its working time too. finaly a lady pick up and enquierd but while i given my tell no which registerd THERE IS NO DATA ON ME .THEY ASNWERD.


  21. Tony

    First of all the comments mentioned about Onkyo & Alghanim is totally wrong.
    I strongly feel Onkyo has become a prominent brand only after Alghanim started handling. Be honest, who knew Onkyo when it was handled by the previous Distributor? With Alghanim they increased the product range with regualr advertisements & I personally feel even their prices are competitive. Though I cannot talk everything their postive about their sales staff, I feel they are better than any one other electronics shops of Kuwait.
    In fact I also happend to talk to one of their management staff (if am not wrong one Mr. Prince) handling Onkyo business & he was extremely good in his response answering alll my queries & giving valueable suggestions.
    Also I find their new X-cite outlets world class comparing to other electronics shops of Gulf region. Guys let us appreciate their good things as well.

  22. Raed

    الغانم X-city يبيع بضاعه مستعمله كجديده !!

    قمت بشراء جلاية صحون جديده وعند التوصيل اكتشفت انها تحتوي علا ماء وبقايا طعام وسمك !!!
    سالت الفني وجاوب انهم قامو بتشغيلها بالمخزن فقط بالماء للتاكد من عملها  واصر علا تركيبها وغسلها بالمحلول الملحي قبل ان يذهب !بما معناه انهم يعيدون بيع الاجهزه المرتجعه او المستخدمه كجديده دون علم الزبون!
    فقط للتحذير 

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