Short Ride


The last weekend was a short ride since we were all caught up with social obligations and the weather didn’t help what so ever. It didn’t feel like a fulfilling weekend if I don’t get to go riding for a few hours, every time we go riding we have to finish at least one tank of gas because we ride around so much.


It was only me and Vampire riding since Monichum had to work on a presentation so we headed out, but we didn’t have so much time either. We just managed to go for a short ride, but at least we rode. It wasn’t completely satisfying since we didn’t get to go as far as we wanted, and there was too much traffic since we started late.









A guy who is just trying to enjoy life!


  1. *sigh* my heart aches every time i see a ducati..hope this weekend brings u a longer ride

  2. jewaira

    Mean, mean, mean boys :-)

    You should try to enjoy riding at this time since traffic is less during the spring break

  3. His bike looks like it went on a diet when it’s sitting next to yours

  4. Last time I rode a “bike” it was pink with a basket in the front and little pom poms on the handle… hehehe…

  5. we were flying,, i have a surprise for this weekend :P~

  6. Outkasty,, don’t worry, i didn’t get marry,, i’m still available (^_^) “

    u’ll know the surprise next week enshala,, if i say it, it won’t be a surprise

  7. why do ppl make fun at vampire’s bike lool i love the red detail on it!

  8. EniGma,, i don’t care about ppl’s opinion on my bike,, i’m ridin’ it and i’m lovin’ it,, to each his own taste

    it’s the ducati monster,, the best selling ducati ;)

  9. vampire they’re just jealous hehe ;p

  10. Armani Exchanger

    Love you Vampie … miss you also … seems that you were busy lately :P

  11. fashionated: Thank you!! I can’t blame, they are machines of passion!

    jewaira: lol :) We are trying to ride as much as possible! There is just so much to do!

    Laialy: lol! You shall see a change!

    Hamitaf La Bookay: loool!

    vampire: very nice!

    Outkasty: lol

    Vampire: loooool! I will post it up!

    EniGma: Its just a different machine, people don’t understand!

    vampire: exactly! Ride it and love it! Ducati Monster, a timeless beautiful machine!

    EniGma: lol!

    Armani Exchanger: looool!

  12. Outkasty: His surprise is the blue and white machine on the first page :D

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