Review: Michael Clayton


This movie picks up as Michael Clayton playing poker in an underground china town place. George Clooney plays the role of Michael Clayton who is “the fixer” in a big New York law firm, he his in the lime light of the company but someone who manages to fix difficult situations for important people. Then he gets caught up with one the firms top lawyers gone AWOL, and things get really hairy when the lead lawyer of 6 year class action lawsuit can’t handle his situation and Michael is supposed to handle this. As time progresses he starts piecing things together. The character the Clooney plays is great, he pulls him off perfectly, you really feel that he doesn’t want to be a hero but he can’t help but put pieces together. The movie overall is good but the story feels a bit weak, and if you like Clooney then you will like this movie.


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  1. Oh man, the movie is a masterpiece!

    the starting speech by Wilkinson is just pure gold

  2. I saw this and i almost slept in th cinema… I didn’t understand a single thing!

  3. Actually, the story wasn’t weak (the corruption of law in the USA isn’t something you see that often) but it was so damn slow. That is why I understand Sho Sho’s comment that she feel asleep during the movie. The acting however was superb ; the actress Tilda Swinton totally stole the scene from Clooney at the end (hence, she is nominated for best supporting actress). The ending was really satisfying.

  4. The thing is the movie isn’t actioned packed is very dialogy (meaning a lot of dialog)

  5. I LOVED it. Unfortunately, I went on a weekend and the kids behind us were bored. Enough said. (Fortunately, no one was harmed during that screening! YAY for self-control!)

  6. The older he gets the cuter e gets. I think this is whats happening to George Clooney =/

  7. falantan: its good, but a bit slow!

    ShoSho: loool!

    eshda3wa: hahahaha! He’s still got it!

    Angelo: Acting was good, but not everyone! The story was a bit disconnected and slow, like his brother’s problem!

    Laialy: loool!

    G.E&B: loooool!

    Outkasty: He has always had this look to him a grown man!

    Hamitaf La Bookay: loool!

  8. I thought the movie was great .. even re-watched the dialog parts afterwards.

  9. I wanted to see this movie! I should add it on my list :P

  10. K: I wanted a little bit more from the story, there was a little too much side stories when they could have concentrated on the main plot!

    KWT23: Its good, watch it!

  11. Q80 In Denver

    Agree that the movie was bit slow for many people still the movie was Solid :) The acting was top notch especially Tilda Swinton :) which I feel that her part comes as the second strongest act after Constantine.

    7 1/2 /10

  12. Q80 In Denver

    When do u intend to write a review about Cloverfield !? if you haven’t watched it yet .. GO SEE IT ! like NOW ! :P

  13. Q80InDenver: I will soon! Haven’t had the chance!

  14. I’m getting it right now

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