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It was just one of those days, for some reason my NBK cards are all bent out of shape. I have had a Bank of America Card (Debit & Credit Card) for over 8 years, and an American Express card for over 7 years with no issues. They are still very usable, but with my NBK cards its a different story. I have one debit card and one credit card that I carry with me. I use my credit card once every 6 months to a year, rarely a reason to use it and I usually carry cash on me. I don’t use my debit card more then a few times a week, and usually I’m just spending cash on gas.


To my luck my credit card completely broke off at the middle of the black stripe, and my debit card was almost broken off. I asked a new debit card from the closest branch which isn’t the one I usually do my business in. They said it would take 3 – 4 days to get new card, and I haven’t even called in for my credit card, I’m walking around with a broken card. Not having K-Net in Kuwait is a bit annoying, I usually carry around 40 to 60 KD with me for gas or other random items and if anything major I would charge my K-Net. So getting it back is important, but I wonder why it takes so much time. Now to get a new credit card which can be used instead of the broken one I have right now.

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  1. Bader

    The main problem with Credit/Debt cards from banks in Kuwait is after a short while everything writen on the card just disappers, I’ve had a debt card from TD bank in Canada for over 5 years and I can still read all the information on the card. I really think its about time that banks in Kuwait change the way they make their cards.

  2. Regardless of how long it takes you to get your card… NBK is still the best :D ….!!
    And yeah.. how can you survive with K-net… i never carry cash around.. so I can’t imagine what would happen to me with out my card :$

  3. Corolla Man (AE86)

    Not a big Fan of NBK

  4. Gulf Bank cards are not great either i have to change the friggin thing every few months because after sometime its just a red card. No name , no number, no information

  5. Most of banks cards here are not of a good quality .. they either bend with time wala el numbers yeroo7on !

    I blame the heavy sun :)

  6. Bader

    I used to depend solely on K-Net, until I lost my Debt card on the first day of the Eid Al -Adha, and it was a long weekend so I didnt have cash for like a week. Went to the bank the sunday of the week after and applied for a new one, took out some cash from the teller. Why do banks charge 1 KD if you withdraw money from the teller and not when you depoist money.

  7. I have no idea why the quality is just so bad with these cards! Moreso it even takes a long time to get a card or anything like that! Idiotic.. really.

  8. I requested a new debit card from NBK, asked to deliver to Mishref branch instead of Main (my branch)…

    The card got lost by NBK .. after two weeks of searching, pin number ended up at Liberation Tower and the card was in Doha.

  9. just a question. how do you feel when someone tells u these banks are haram and u r better off with kfh/bobyan while u have the choice. how would u argue with them ?

  10. Bader

    Im with Boubyan now, used to be with NBK, their service is ok, no problems so far.

  11. You not using your credit card more than once a year ? :-) come on man !!?? :-D

  12. Purgatory

    K, I think everyone in Kuwait knows that story ;p

  13. k, my sister went through a similar situation with NBK

  14. jaja

    american/british cards usually have the essential info (number,name,expirty date) embossed instead of printing them in here, that’s why i prefer them.

  15. FLA813

    Hey I have a Bank of America credit card and I changed it 3 times this year (I almost never use cash) because the swiper thing gets worn out with use. My last updated NBK card is about a year and a half old and still going strong and I never had a problem with American express yet. Don’t hate on NBK though :P

  16. What do you guys do to your cards?

    Mashallah I have never had problems with my debit/credit cards and certainly they have never broken in two pieces!

    Always keep them in a wallet and protected.

    Maybe we should have chips installed in our fingers now instead of bank cards

  17. Bader: Thats for sure! They need an upgrade!

    Hamitaf La Bookay: hahaha! Why do you like NBK so much?

    Corolla Man: Laish?

    Rashisha: hahaha! Now thats funny!

    Cat: Exactly, they need to improve!

    Bader: I don’t know either, they want to discourage people from using the teller to take cash out!

    N: Very, and it just gets more annoying!

    K: Wow! Now thats ridiculous!

    mishref: I would just say that they know nothing about logic, and its simple math that can prove they are doing the same thing. What ever lets them sleep at night.

    Bader: good, not enough branches for me

    G-Funk: Really, not the Kuwait one. the Us one is the one I use mainly

    Purg: hahaha

    pealrs: hmmmmm

    Laialy: very!

    jaja: exactly, it lasts that way!

    FLA813: What the hell are you swiping?

    jewaira: I just use it every once in a while nothing special but it seems that they are not of high quality. I agree with the chips!

  18. well as someone said before the quality of the cards arent good…i have my hsbc debit card since 2002 and its in perfect shape coz they have the numbers showing out like any credit card….i blame the sun…and as for ATM card delivery if u know someone there or i say wa69a bluntly u’ll get ur ATM card the next day…

  19. jaja

    Maze: you could’ve stopped when you said “hsbc”. It is the largest bank in the world, NBK and others learn from them.

  20. MAZE: I didn’t want to ask anyone just for a card, it was working fine as I was using it!

    jaja: NBK isn’t bad either, its pretty big, they just need to invest in new cards!

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  22. Russ Sandlin

    I think maybe it is the heat for the cards here, my US based Cards are rotting fast here in Q8 too~!

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