A Special Day


So today is the special day that the government in Kuwait is admonishing, so I want to wish everyone a happy valentines day. Mine shall be a normal Thursday with the guys, I know that some of them won’t be coming over since they are tied down on this day.

For those who will go out with their significant other, go enjoy yourselves. I hope you bought your flowers yesterday since they might have banned the selling of flowers. Its just ridiculous, they have nothing better to do, I hope everyone has a good time this Thursday with whomever it may be.

A guy who is just trying to enjoy life!


  1. Happy v.day Marzouq :)
    last year i spendid it with my mom , but this year i’m goin out with my best friend since none of us have lovers why not share it with each others :) , enjoy dear .

  2. happy v-day zooky baybbeee ;p~ hahahahahhaha

    i bet there will still be tons of girls dressed up in red and roses everywhere!

  3. Happy V-Day! Will you be my anti-valentine :P

  4. Q80 In Denver

    ana ela badesh 3ar’9 :p 7aram 7aram :P loool hehe ;p

    Happy V-Day to all ! :)

  5. kuwaitya

    ياثقل طينتك

  6. monichum

    HaAaAaAaY Zouki add a Salad to the menu and 7ady meshtehy chicken steak. see you in diwaniyaaa
    (Note: Happy v.day for the pretty girls only)

  7. happy valentines day Marzouq :) Just think how would have Jack spent his valentine :p

  8. happy freakin vday :) was at dar el 3awathi last night and there was a flower shop preparing for 2day with decorations and all so yaay flowers are not banned yet :P

  9. Happy Valentines Day to you all, I’m gonna spend it with family (wife and kids)

  10. Secret Admirer

    Happy Valentine’s Day Wild Boy

  11. Happy Thursday… I dont like Valentines LOL

  12. mocman

    happy VD ya’ll

  13. Noor

    Happy Valentine’s Day neighbour!! :)

  14. Zabo0o6a: Thanks! That is a good plan!

    ananyah: hahaha! Thanks! I didn’t see any!

    Jacqui: why not!

    Q80InDenver: lol

    Kuwaitiya: ola, wala enich maaskha

    monichum: No!!!!

    Laialy: Shooting people!

    Rashisha: Who isn’t!

    fashionated: Thats a good thing!

    Mr.Solutions: Good good! Enjoy!

    Secret Admirer: loool! Wild Boy now thats funny!

    Ansam: loool

    mocman: VD just sounded wrong! hahaha

    Noor: Thanks!

    vampire: hahaha

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