Dubai Quick Stop


Since I didn’t have much time between my meetings I quickly went to a few places to see if I would get anything. My first stop was Borders where I spent a total of 7 minutes flipping through books and magazines, I usually spend at least 2 hours there just checking out books, magazines and taking pictures. This time was different since I was going their in between my meetings, I managed to pick up two books at least which seemed interesting. One book was about the Italian guys in Brooklyn in the 1970s starting a small business and then going into the cocaine trade which was really interesting, and the other book was about the days of Krypton before it was destroyed discussing Superman’s ancestors and home planet.

A guy who is just trying to enjoy life!


  1. The first one sounds a lot more interesting than the second one…!!! Anything with Italian “businessmen” I love….

  2. How about those digital readers e.g. Amazon’s Kindle. Why don’t you give it a shot see is it worth all the fuss that’s going on in the US or not. I started reading “Chicago” on a pdf file I downloaded online and it is quite nice to read using a 20″ imac screen beside your bed.

  3. Kim

    Wow only 7 min in Borders, that must have taken an amazing amount of restraint from you. That first book looks really interesting, let me know if you like it.

  4. small business to cocain sounds like a good business one should look into :P

  5. Hamitaf La Bookay: its about the 1970s in Brooklyn, I read through it a bit and I liked it so I picked it up!

    mishref: I honestly can’t read for so long on a computer screen, its really annoying. And when it comes to Amazon’s Kindle or Sony’s E-Reader your content download is stuck for the US Only. And I would rather have a real book when reading!

    Kim: It was killing me! Seriously! I will start reading it after I finish the current one I’m reading which seems to be going by quickly due to the good content :)

    Laialy: looool! Im not sure how to apply it Kuwait! hehehe

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