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Thanks to a friend for sending me this important piece of information. It is a well known fact that due to Idiots Writers Guild that many shows have been delayed. 24 has been delayed so much that it has been delayed to Jan of 2009, I’m happy that it has been delayed so that we wouldn’t be hung in the middle while the schedule catches up. Now there is a new piece of information, there is a two hour TV movie in the works which is supposed to air in a few months to fill-in the gaps between Season 6 and Season 7. This was really good news, now I have something to look forward and at least a few hours of Jack.

Link: TV.com

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  1. woooooohoooooooooooo!!!
    3ad i seriously miss jack!
    doesnt feel right with him not being there this time of year :P

  2. Q80 In Denver

    LoL ee wala junkie 3ala golat Laialy_q8 :p

    I used to love 24 .. but the last 2 seasons, the series went down

    the hill !

    Marqouq tekfa la t3a9eb :p

  3. Q80 In Denver

    LoooL e’9aher yo3an :p samaitek Marqouq :p ‘3a9de MARZOUQ :P

  4. Sushi

    Yaay Mr. Butter! =)

  5. Laialy: Yup!

    mishref: loool!

    Ansam: What happened?

    Yazeed: Exactly!! Thank you!

    Q80InDenver: You shall be shot.. I will be contacting CTU about you! loool!

    Sushi: U will suffer!!

  6. I wrote a comment and all you got is “I” :-( makan li khelg ared akteba all back

  7. Q80 In Denver

    LoL hehehehe :p dezle ele always embar6ema oo freak “Chloe” :p

  8. Kim

    I can’t wait to see Jack again!!! : )

  9. Ansam: Sorry :(

    Q80InDenver: looool!

    G-Funk: Same here!

    Kim: Hell yeah!

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