Dubai Metro


I don’t have the technical details but it seems that Dubai’s Metro is going to be ready very soon, maybe just a matter of months until they have their full Metro system and hopefully it will lessen the traffic they have.


If it even stops 10% of car travel then that would be fantastic, but I wonder how it is inside those trains. We will know soon enough, but for now they have done a good job in investing in their infrastructure, hopefully this progress in their infrastructure will continue.












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  1. I really hope it helps with the traffic! It would be awesome.

  2. djhightide

    aren’t these photos of the new terminal at dubai international airport

  3. woow that was fast, last time I was there it looked like they had a long way to go, mashallah

  4. hotter and hotter every week, they really work fast mashallah

  5. we should take after them in the SPEED they get things done
    moo e7na a tunnel madre cham sina 9arlah!

  6. The first 6 pictures are for the new terminal in dubai airport and you can google it to make sure .

  7. If it reduces traffic, then good for them. But metro in this heat?

  8. I am going to live in Dubai… while this country goes backwards in everything… mentally, socially, politically, aaaaaaah… Dubai and the U.A.E in general is becoming the IT place to be… !!

  9. jewaira

    Wow great photos Marzouq

    I wish they would find a similar solution in Kuwait to the congestion

  10. yeah in the 5th pic theres Departure written with a small airplane next to it :P

  11. moocherx

    I’m sad to see the new DXB terminal doesn’t appear to have a pointless flying saucer hanging from the ceiling. Maybe they decided there’s already too many aliens in Dubai…

  12. Ansam: I hope so too!

    djhightide: This is what I got for the train station, might take you there!

    pearls: yup!

    hammoodee: hopefully not at the cost of quality!

    vampire: yup!

    eshda3wa: Ay chem sinah… over a decade!!!

    SAEED: Its seems I got the mistaken pictures!

    EniGma: I don’t even know how they are going to run it!

    Hamitaf La Bookay: Its a nice place but not a cozy one!

    jewaira: They need to find something for the public to use for sure!

    Stafa: loool!

    Laialy: They do for sure!

    moocherx: loooool! I don’t know how the tram is supposed to go and where they are going to cover!

    Amjad: yup!

  13. ما شاء الله روووووووووووووووووووووووووووووووووووووووووعه

  14. Inadar

    The Dubai Metro is Elevated as well as Underground. The train will pass the creek from below in a tunnel to come out on other side. Burjuman and Union Square are two interchange stations for Red and Green Line, both underground.

  15. fato0o0oa13: it is great

    Inadar: It is going to be an amazing ting once its done!

  16. SAIJAL

    Hopefully it will lessen the traffic.

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