Diyaay and More!


I think Muchboos Deyaay is one of my top 5 meals of any cuisine, and coming back home to this meal really hits the spot. I started watching some Naruto Shippuuden while eating the chicken and spring rolls. I don’t care that it was one meal or that it was a lot, I was damn hungry and I went at that meal with a vengeance.


After I finished the meal I laid back and remained stationary for an hour, I even took a 30 minute nap which was nice. I had a KDD Rocket while watching more episodes of Naruto Shippuuden.






A guy who is just trying to enjoy life!


  1. Purgatory

    OK, why do you always eat two chickens, is it some religious thing?

  2. the chicken looks so damn juicy! i want some riceeeeeeeeeee :(

  3. My machboos deyay is nowhere near this perfection!!

  4. It would be nice to see “before and after” snaps! LOL

  5. bel3afyaaa :)
    i was taking pictures of food the other day and u came across my mind , i think i should post some ;)

  6. عاد أحلى شي الحشو

    بس فيه شغلة مو متأكدة من إسمها , بس أعتقد إنها زرشت أو زرشك .. المهم على نفس الوزن, هي تعطي نكهة إضافية للحشو
    actually it’s a dried red currents
    لانه فيها حموضة تعادل الحلاوة اللي بالكشمش


  7. Bader

    Marzouq, why did you post this at 9:00am, was to torture us while we are at work :) ,

    Bel Afya

  8. pink

    bzoorkm (qa9b!)

  9. Q80 In Denver

    ‘7aaaf rabek ya Marzouuuuuuuuq !!! ana eb America .. ! Ya edezlee .. ya la t7e6 moliya :pP

  10. Kim

    The food looks really good. It’s making me hungry and I just ate.

    So I think I can guess what the new Zdistrict theme is going to be:
    Muchboos :)

  11. I think for the Kuwaitis abroad salivating now, you should at least post them a step by step recipe for them to attempt.

    As usual, it looks wonderful and I can almost smell the tantalizing aroma

    Hany o 3afyah

  12. No Coke again ? :-D did you take it out of the picture :-) ?

  13. that’s it! i’m so pissed off! i will come over and kidnap all the cooks in your home, for just 1 month… i’ll give them back to you when i had enough! i miss that food! :(

  14. mustafa

    YAY more sexy muchboos!

  15. u r killing me again with those machboos pics! a month ago was the last time i had food at home, i always come home late o ma akil, so starting from this week, am gna head to ur place after work, to have a descent meal.. i’ll hav machboos and mrabyan..

    i am at work now, looking at ur pic, and drooling ;p~!

  16. Purg: looool! Sometimes people come over!

    Hamitaf La Bookay: hahaha! Inshalla!

    ananyah: yup!

    Hasan.B: lol! Practice makes perfect!

    Ansam: Nope! Not available! hehehe!

    Amer: yup!

    Zabo0o6a: hehe! It seems its what I do! I just can’t help it!

    لمياء الحالمة : Zarasht is nice, but with the rght dish not this!

    Bader: Yes, to torture people!!! lol!

    pink: looool!

    Laialy: alah e3afeech!

    q8y Swimmer: That went out the window!

    Q80InDenver: hahaha! Shinsawy!

    Kim: Its seems to be chickens and bikes! lol!

    eshda3wa: loool! Alah e3afeech!

    jewaira: alah e3afeech! I have a recipe in mind but don’t it will be on par with this! lol

    G-Funk: Nope !lol

    nora: hahaha! Can’t help it!

    mustafa: hahahaha!

    Marrakech: sorry I just had to post it! :)

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