Johnny Rockets and the iPod Touch


So after work a couple of days a go me and K were hungry and we wanted to get something to eat. We wanted to meet half way so we decided to go to Johnny Rockets Marina, and the weather was nothing short of amazing. It was a cool breeze and an hour before the sun sets, there were just a few families sitting there. A friend of hours joined us as we were finishing up the appetizers, then we go the main course right away.


  • Chilli Cheese Fries
  • Buffalo Wings
  • Smoke House Burger
  • Rocket Double Burger

We had a good meal then we headed home, this was on Monday and we both had things to do.


Later in the night K call’s to ask if I have his iPod Touch or if its in my car, I decided to check Tuesday after work and I didn’t find anything. After searching everywhere we didn’t find it. So K called the Johnny Rockets Marina and asked for a lady that we remember, her name was Jim or Jm. She said yes they have an Apple iPod and he reclaimed his iPod Touch later on Wednesday afternoon. I am honestly impressed that they kept it for him, they have good burgers and good people.

A guy who is just trying to enjoy life!


  1. Well the country is changing :P at least i am glad that no one stole it ^^

  2. i get panicky if i lose something, was he panicky? :p

  3. 3alaikom bel3afia o garrat 3ainkom :-P

  4. JR is awesome i forgot my wallet once and after a i realised it i quickly called them and they said they were waiting for my call.
    i got it back no problems

  5. For some reason I thought this post would be about messing with JR’s system via ipod. But they dont use a radio.

    In 2004, my 2Gen ipod met the new iTrip and me. lol, we were at La Marina (soug sharg) and my friend and I asked them to tune their radio to 80.4, after convincing them it was “a new channel starting up” they only believed us when they heard it. It was fun sitting outside and being in control of what plays next.

  6. I thought you bought an iPod and was about to be shocked :P

  7. q8y Swimmer

    good thing you tipped her that day :P … just kidding, el maal el 7alaal ma ethee3

  8. i really shouldnt read this blog when im hungry
    its bad for me

  9. please tell me the picture of the johnny rockets sign was taken by u. IT IS AMAZING!!

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  11. G: Thats for sure!

    Laialy: Not at all, very systimatic!

    Ansam: alah e3afeech!

    Rashisha: Very nice, they are good people!

    Shaymaa: Now thats funny! Its hard to get them to adopt new equipment let alone mess with them!

    vampire: yup!

    Jacqui: nope!

    q8y Swimmer: Nothing at all really!

    eshda3wa: loool! You can’t help but be hungry!

    EniGma: Its ha tomake sure that it isn’t comprimised!

    kwt23: nope, its an HDR photo from online!

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