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Terminal 5 is now officially open, it has been years they have been talking about it. It supposed to lessen the traffic at Heathrow, and all of British Airways are switching are switching over to Terminal 5 and it is only for their use. It is officially open for their use on March 27, I hope they have some more entertainment since I always liked a couple of hours at the airport during a lay over.


Its now official Emirates Airlines have now started daily flights from Dubai to Los Angeles. The flight takes off at 8:25 am and lands at LA around noon, then it takes off at 4:50 pm and lands in the Emirates around 7:30 pm. So those are excellent flights, I would like to try this out for sure. This will change the routes of some people to LA.

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  1. Thats good news! So do you know when will british leave from terminal 5 to kuwait? And will they have their own BIG terminal? Like the one qatar airways has in qatar?

  2. oooooooooooooooh emirates air to LA…. coooooooool… must save money….. must save ejazat……. must travel this summer!!

  3. YESS!!! God thanks for posting about emirates!!!!

  4. is the flight straight to LA?? do you have the link?? must book now!

  5. Loca in Kuwait


    Thanks for the info, my brother lives in San Diego so now another option to use when I go see him.

  6. Tried booking online at the emriates site, but they dont seem to have added the direct flight to their system yet, it’s still sending me to New York.

  7. Emirates hasn’t started flying to LA yet. It is announced only. The flights will start from 1st of September, 2008 only.

  8. Yes VACHACH, I googled it and every website says it is starting Sept. 1st

    I dunno how marzouq missed that and said they started it now!

    I guess work was tough :p

    by the way the flight is 16 hours long, 8000 miles to go over.

    each coach seat will be equipped with an audiovisual system stocked with 1,700 hours of entertainment, including the biggest Beatles playlist in the air.


  9. Hasan.B: They have started the move, short haul flights will be moving over by 27th of march and long haul flights by end of April!

    Hamitaf La B: hahaha!

    Chirp: It will be sometime after Ramadan!

    Loca: Yup, it will be open sometime in the summer!

    Pink Moon: It will be open in a couple of months, not right now!

    Vachach: I think sometime in the summer but its still a few months wait, its going to be on their 777 planes!

    Cinemayes: looool! Beatles, I heard it from a Manager in the Emirates rather then online so I didn’t really look up all the info! But thanks for the update, I will be trying this flight out for sure!

  10. Marzouq: yeah I know this information. cuz’ i’m working 4 emirates. :))

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