The Unit


I just started watching The Unit Season 3 and it starts off with one hell of a bang. I have always loved the music at the beginning of the show and this season they changed it up a bit, I do like this one too. I have just loved this show from the beginning, I like different members of the team. Jonas or David Palmer is the center of the show and I love that guy. The missions are interesting, sometimes I get annoyed when its about too much drama, but I love the action.


A guy who is just trying to enjoy life!


  1. Palmer rocks…He’s a really good actor. At first, I was annoyed they took him off 24 (But I mean, how many terms can a President serve). But The Unit is the perfect fit for him…

  2. i always wanted to watch this show…never downloaded it though :( …. will look for a good torrent now.

  3. I love the show too…followed it from the very first pilot, it’s a shame the writers’ strike stopped it’s series for a time.

  4. Q80 Saracen: I agree with you 100%! He is perfect in the unit!

    Kwt23: It is REALLY worth it! Download it!

    The Aggressor: I know seriously, the writers strike screwed up a lot of schedules!

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