Review: Zegapain


This is a different kind of anime, it starts off a bit slow but picks up from there. The anime revolves around Sogoru Kyo, he lives in Maihama but he starts to notice things that don’t make sense in reality. From there he realizes that he is living as data on a server and so are all his friends, all human beings have become apparitions living on this quantum server. They are fighting against the GARMS-ORM, but they aren’t sure of the total picture. Kyo just goes in head strong ready to fight and beat the odds in front of him. He looks like a head strong idiot and that is what is sometimes, but he doesn’t realize how he is key to saving the human race against the GARMS-ORM and the mistake of their past or they will lose the earth. A very well written story, it comes together towards the end, its a bit hard to stick to in the beginning but then things start getting more interesting you and follow it. A good anime with a great ending.


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  1. n

    iam sorry but the name is funny hehehehe

  2. 7aneen

    The name yetha7iiiiiiiik hehehehe !!!!!!! wayed ;P

  3. so basically a matrix rip off

  4. The story sure sounds interesting but I’m not a big fan of “robotic anime”. The last one that hooked me was Eureka-7…and it didn’t have that many robotic dialogues to begin with. I’ll keep it in my radar, but currently I’m watching an anime called “Mushishi” and so far it’s been truly an incredible ride.

  5. n: hahaha!

    7aneen: looool! Shinsawy, the Japanese don’t know arabic!

    d: nope, its a much different story

    Angelo: This is more about the story then the robot, its about the characters and the depth that they go through!

    MiYaFuSHi: It has been the butt of every joke! looool!

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