London Day 1


I arrived 30 minutes early into Heathrow airport, my plane was relatively early. I slept most of the way since I didn’t get much sleep the night before. I asked for an early lunch and passed out right away. I left the plane fairly quickly, picked up my luggage and headed into London. There was some traffic due to construction which kept me on the road for a little longer then expected.


The day was nice and sunny, it was a crispy cold around 11C but it felt colder then that. The day looked like it was going to be a nice day, and the first thing I wanted to do was go to Harrods Pizzeria for a late lunch. We headed over there but stopped at few shops on Sloane Street before heading in. As we are walking about it started snowing, and it got windy very quickly. It just kept snowing more and more so we headed towards Harrods to eat at the Pizzeria. There was a que but it didn’t take long to get a stool, and it was just right. There were a lot of Emirates there for some reason, a few Kuwaitis but thats about it.


Went home after a little shopping and I bought some movie tickets on the way. I was tired but I really wanted to go to the movies so we went and I really enjoyed it. Getting back to a very cold bed helped me fall right asleep for a good 11 hours.












A guy who is just trying to enjoy life!


  1. Shawagtnah 3ala London!!!!

    I can almost feel the beautiful weather…

    Everything looks so enticing…the pizzeria, the sound of traffic, the beautifully made bed…

    bil3afya Marzouq

  2. 3alaikum ib 1000 3afya, don’t forget the Godiva shakes yummm

  3. REALLY weird post considering so many pics and bikes r no where to be found! :P

    Enjoy ur stay!

  4. oh the weather in London right now….. mmmmmmmmm…….
    Enjoy it…. :)

  5. Loca in Kuwait


    You truly deserve this trip enjoy and be safe.

  6. hmmmmmmmmmm I love that place! I want that pizza! You are MEANIE wearing an expensive BEANIE!

  7. i wanna go there * cries * :(
    try marks and spencer blueberry muffins for me ;Pp

  8. Females relax let the guy rest for a week. waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaay marzoug your lucky
    see u in Pakistan soon

  9. Which movie 3ad?

    Take me with you next time.

  10. 7amdillah 3al salamah Marzouq even though it’s a bit late LOL

    London looks divine in these nice pics especially the Pizzeria.

    I think Kuwaitis usually emerge during the summer more than anytime of the year. Yallah enjoy the weather and the shopping to the fullest :D

  11. jewaira: alah e3afeech it was really good and enjoyable! :) Ma shiba3t!

    hammoodee: alah e3afeek! Never tried it!

    kwt23: It was snowing!!! Thanks :)

    Hamitaf La B: very nice! Thanks :)

    Loca: Thank you!

    Zabo0o6a: then go!

    monichum: looool!

    Laialy: when will that be?

    Jacqui: Vantage Point! :) You don’t have any vacation time!

    Marrakech: :)

    Angelo: Alah esalmik! 3ady! London was just perfect! There were a few Kuwaitis there but that was it!

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