Custom Laser Engraved Moleskine Notebooks


I carry a moleskine with me most of the time, I love my Moleskine, I jot down things I want to do as well as ideas, I might even sketch it when I can. I have been through a few of them, some I consider to be very important to me since they have drawings and ideas that I have, and some are used for work to jot down notes. I have always wanted to be able to customize my Moleskine exterior cover and now it can be done by engraving it with a laser. Who ever loves moleskines will love this service, I could think of a few people that would love it as a gift. You can engrave the cover as well the spine with whatever image you have, they have some cirteria to make sure the image comes out right.

Price: $25 and up

Link: UnCrate

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  1. Sushi

    Those look really neat. Mine are all plain black except a couple special editions.

  2. 7aneen

    Does it have a daily/ weekly planner or calendar thingy ?!

  3. should be useful in order to pick out the right one. better than using tape labels. besides by customizing it would really feel like it yours. and 7aneen yeah they do come in “daily/ weekly planner or calender thingy” or you can have them in plain ruled or graph.

  4. I’ve got a Moleskine with just a black cover which i’ve been using since last year … it has a bunch of note from my internship – school- and now work hehehe
    the price is really reasonable and their neat note books for shizzle

  5. Sushi: I agree, they are pretty nice!

    7aneen: yup, you can order some of those too!

    TAT: I agree, that is why I like them!

    BloBoz: yup!

    Hamitaf La B: looool! then order it!

    Laialy: I tend not to write notes of work but rather ideas and things I want to do or see, so that when I look back I can remember my train of thought. :)

  6. flopas

    I’d like to order these, where can I get them from?

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