Back Again


Traveling with the family you have a lot of preparations to make for your flight and I have to check all the things. We headed to the airport 3.5 hours early for our flight and I was happy about that, that would give me time to walk around Terminal 4 for the last time before the switch over to Terminal 5. A lot British Airways has already switched to Terminal 5, they are starting services already at Terminal 5 and flights begin on March 27th but that is for short haul flights, long haul flights like Kuwait will be landing there by the end of April.


We got on the plane just in time, and even before the plane took off I was passed out in my seat. This flight back was 75% full and there were lots of Kuwaitis on the plane. There were a Kuwaiti couple up front that looked real good together, the girl was beautiful and the guy looked relaxed. It is very nice to see normal couples in Kuwait, and it was funny how most of the women were telling the girl “You are beautiful, who are you? Oh.. please say hello to your mum, I am so and so”

We got into Kuwait around 6:30 am and my sleep has been messed up from that point, I slept from 12 – 3 and then from 6 – 7, and I have no clue how it is going to be at work the next day. One thing is for sure, I really don’t feel like work, this brake was too short and I didn’t get to do everything I wanted.

A guy who is just trying to enjoy life!


  1. tmz: That is a bit nasty, thats funny that they are doing that though!

    BloBoz: He was really chill, watching things on this laptop. Just relaxed!

    eshda3wa: alah esalmich! Wish I was still there! :)

  2. Terminal 4 of Heathrow airport is so boring. I looked it inside out on my way to the US since I stopped there for 5 hours, and found nothing interesting… ended up staying at Starbucks for the whole time.

  3. Loca in Kuwait

    Welcom back!!! Even though I am happy your back safely, I wish you could have had a longer trip. To get over jet lag each day you think you want to take a nap dont, stay up as long as you can take it then just go to bed at a decent hour. Hope you can go back soon for an extended vacation.

    M I like to see happy couples from ANY nationality period. In this day and age people from all races dont stay together, long term relationships are counted in months now not years.

  4. 7aneen

    LOL women actually go up to girls and ask WHO THEY ARE ?!

    wow tethba7hum il legafa ..

  5. You miss the Dusty weather so much !

    welcome back :)

  6. jewaira

    I think it’s great to take short breaks like that even though you feel it is disruptive. It certainly breaks the routine :)

    Welcome back …

  7. i can’t sleep on the plane for the live of me :(

  8. Amjad: Your kidding me! I buy magazines from WHSmith, I walk around in Dixons playing around with things, lunch or dinner at the seafood bar and a few other places to check out. I prefer Terminal 5 over every other airport.

    Loca: Thank you! Me too, I wish I could have had a longer time in London. It is true but its nice to see a Kuwaiti couple of are happily married :)

    7aneen: yup most of them do! lol

    Laziale: Can’t help it! lol! Thanks!

    jewaira: It does break up the routine a bit which is nice! Thanks :)

    Laialy: Your kidding me! I sleep anywhere! :)

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