Dusty Outing


Wide awake at 6:05 am on a Friday morning the first thing that comes to mind is riding, but I wasn’t sure after the dust storm from the other day. I thought it was going to be horrible, I crawled out of bed and saw that it was sunny and clear outside. I called Monichum until he picked up the phone to tell him we are going to ride. We both took our lazy time to get up, but by 7:20 am we were both at Starbucks Bid’a, and I was surprised they were open that early in the morning.


We spotted two riders at Miseela gas station, and as we were sitting at Starbucks two more motorcycles showed up. We said hello and headed off to KPC on our usual route, there were a few cars on the streets but it was mostly empty. You could see all the different groups of motorcycles as we were riding, its funny it seems all the motorcyclists decided to get up early that day to go riding.


The cool breeze from the sea side, the empty roads, we were compelled to push our luck on the bikes that day. I could feel the growl that was coming from the Italian machine. At each corner I was going lower, I could feel that I was tuned to the machine, I was pushing on the bar as well as sliding off to get faster on the curves on the Gulfroad. It just felt exhilarating with the cool breeze, rumble of the machine, and music in my ears.


We took a different route then usual on this trip, we stopped at KPC but since it was still 8:30 am we decided to continue to Entertainment City. Neither I nor Monichum knew the way to Entertainment City, but I remember a bit of the route from the GulfRun drive back in November. So we tried our luck and we were enjoying the ride, there is a good stretch in towards Doha without any lights which was great but we weren’t pushing our luck since the roads weren’t familiar to us, we kept cruising at 100 to 120 kph. We got to Entertainment City, but the parking was closed to our luck. It was the first time in over 15 years since I have even come this close to Entertainment city, it was one hell of a fun trip and we were reminiscing about our times there when we were kids. I think the last time I went was in 1993, hopefully next time the gates will be open so we could get a little closer. When we were heading back, we wanted to go the GulfRoad bu around 9:30 am the dust came back with a vengeance, we were caught in the bad weather. We decided to head home from the Malik Faisal Highway, luckily for us it wasn’t too far.





















A guy who is just trying to enjoy life!


  1. Your pictures remind me of the movie cars…. or we can create a new movie called bikes… where the two bikes are riding and enjoying coffee and donuts at starbucks… :)
    I can already see the cartoons in my head… CUTE!!

  2. Hamitaf La B: looool! That would be a funny movie! What are their voices?

    pearls: looool! it was pretty good! :)

  3. jewaira

    You need a third green bike and you all would look like M & M’s on the road :P

    Mashallah lovely shiny bikes.

    Stay safe guys.

  4. jewaira: That would be very funny! We do like them shiny and clean for sure! Thank you! :)

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