Filling Up


Nothing does a man good as much as a good meal, and this was one hell of a meal. I had to remain stationary for a little while after that and I was enjoying a few episodes of weeds while I was recovering. I haven’t had Muchboos Laham in a while or Mathrooba and both tasted amazing.


It didn’t take me long to pass out after the meal, I forgot about what was on TV. I woke up still feeling full which is perfect after a 30 minute nap.







A guy who is just trying to enjoy life!


  1. Bel3afia :)
    Can I have some Sambosa? It looks delicious Mashallah.

  2. i didnt have dinner! this is not a good post to read!!!


    annnnnd i wish i can say: i had a 30 min nap! its usually 3 hours nap ;p ,,, nap doesnt exist in my dictionary :D

  3. Mashalla Mashalla the food in your house… chena men ma63am…!! IM SOOO JEALOUS!!!

  4. Loca in Kuwait

    Wow I need to have your cook for a day, even a lunch break! Glad to see your taking it easy now that your back. I cant take naps I usually dont wake up till very late then cant sleep at night. :/

  5. mustafa

    who cooks this for you I WANT THEIR NAME!

  6. I’m kidnapping your cook and putting in my lunch order… just a little plate will do *puppy eyes*

  7. Technogal: You can! lol! Alah e3afeech! :)

    Q80-ChillGirl: Alah e3afeech! I’m the same but I had to get up, so 30 minutes is all I had!

    Hamitaf La B: loool! I like how its clean!

    Loca: The same is for me, sometimes I just want to pass out for a few hours and keep on going!

    mustafa: loool! All you need to know is Marzouq!

    ananyah: nope.. I will send something to you! lol

  8. Ms. D

    if we ate like this in my place everyday probably i would fit into the MORBIDLY OBESE side of the scale ;s

  9. ER7AMNI wele yer7am waldaik!!! No more food pictures for awhile, lain arja3 il q8 3l aqal yam3awad!

  10. not too much of a la7am fan, but 3laik bil 3afyaaa

  11. jewaira

    A good, hearty meal for a hungry man :P

  12. Ms. D: looool! I’m halfway there! :)

    Hasan.B: hahaha! I can’t help it! I just have to post the food!

    Laialy: alah e3afeech!

    jewaira: alah e3afeech! :)

  13. dkero

    the food on the 2nd pic…its called???
    cause i ate those in mozambique & south africa and they were damn good…

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