Using Firefox 3 Beta 5


I decided to try out Firefox 3 Beta and from Beta 2 I have been enjoying all the new features and light browser. It just kept getting better and better, didn’t hang with me yet. I just recently downloaded Firefox 3 Beta 5 and it is really annoying, for some reason Youtube keeps hanging and there just seems to be something wrong, can’t seem to put my finger on it. Overall I think it is a great improvement and still with development it will beat Explorer as usual, in comparison Explorer 7 is heavy and crashes every time I load more the 7 tabs, but with Firefox its still better in Beta form then Explorer 7. Right now I’m having a few issues with Beta 5 but hopefully it will keep improving.

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  1. The look and feel changed drastically with 3 Beta 5 … I haven’t had any issues yet but I haven’t been on my computer much either -_-

  2. AQ

    i tried the previous beta.. it was nice and all but its not compatible with most of the extenstions i used with the current firefox. o whats firefox without the extensions..
    im hearing more and more abt opera browser these days.. im thinking of giving it a go

    im testing the IE8 beta .. its much better and faster than the IE7 yet it has some issues rendering some websites correctly, ironically microsoft’s own hotmail is one of them. but it has a feature that let u to emulate IE7.

  3. i installed it last night,, still didn’t test it that much,, will do really hard and then give feedback to them

  4. I installed Firefox 3 Beta last month or the month before, but uninstalled it immediately and went back to Firefox 2. lol. it didn’t work perfectly and some of my important add-ons did not work with it, so I just forgot about it and though just to install it when a complete official version is launched…

  5. FF rocks, I didn’t move to the new beta version yet because I am not sure if all my ext. are actually compatible with it.

  6. Add-ons and extensions are really important to me, I’m not upgrading until I see them compatible and ready for FF 3. IE should just die.

  7. Laialy: It just keeps on improving with a few kinks!

    AQ: I don’t use that many extentions so I don’t mind the upgrade, I do keep hearing about opera so I hope they keep on improving it!

    vampire: cool

    Amjad: It will take some time for sure for all the improvements to work out!

    radiant guy: The extentions won’t work!

    Shaymaa: I agree IE should just disappear!

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