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Windows Home Server – Stage 2

So most of the hardware came in and K had the other half of the solution for this beast of a machine. I had all the 1 TB Drives but not all of them are going into this machine. I spent a good part of the day trying to rewire some of the items, but I did a horrible job so K redid it again.

The Hardware:

  • Processor: Intel Core 2 Dou 3.0 Ghz/4MB/1333MHz
  • Motherboard: Gigabyte GA-P35-DS3R
  • Ram: Kingstong Hyper-X 2 GB/PC800/
  • Graphics Card: XFX NVidia PCX 7200GS/256MB DDR2
  • Main Drive: Seagate 750 GB

After all the work that was done, it turns out that he case is too short. The Silverstone 1200 Watt PSU was too long in the case to fit with the Athena Backplane for the hot-swappable Hard Drives. At this point we went to Hawally to see what our options were for a big PC case with ample space. Other then that the Gigabyte mother board is fantastic for server needs with 8 Sata ports, 8 USB ports, it doesn’t have a graphics card so I picked up a decent graphics card. It didn’t matter much since this will be automatically connected to the system through remote access. This is turning into a monster of job, but I’m loving it and it keeps looking better.


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    Z seems like this machine is going to do wonders, but none of us understand what the hell you guys are talking about. I.E. Sata ports etc. Just explain what this baby is going to be used for, and how it will make your life a little better:)

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    Looks geekily beautiful!

    I do hope you have a bunch of cooling for the drives though, as they seem a bit too close to each other. Those damn things get really hot.

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    Wait till you see koot .. ;)

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    Oh my Godness ! toooo many machines in ur room marzouq !!

    yabeeelha extreme make over :)

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    I seriously have no idea what your doing.. seems like your trying to take over the world.. :D

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    Have fun! :]

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    i can imagine that the same way i dream about a room for my shoes you dream of a room with racks and servers and stuff :p

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    zoug can you please post items price and from which shop you get it?

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    hehe, I’m so excited! Hardware looks great! Ashwa K was there to rewire it for you. How many Teras you gonna put in there? I think I’m gonna steal it when youre done.

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    That’s insane, that’s all I can tell you!

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    Punky: Basically it will hold all my media and distribute to the house and outside the house.

    Bojacob: Doesn’t need cooling with the new case!

    K: Got to see that! lol

    Cat: Its in the basement! :)

    Hamitaf: If I can, I would! It wouldn’t be too hard to take over Kuwait’s system! lol

    Ananyah: yes!

    3baid: Lots of it!

    Laialy: Very very true! And a garage!

    hohoo: I will post those up for sure!

    Shaymaa: I’m not sure, I’m at 5.2 TB right now going for at least 6 TB or more! You need a crane to lift this machine, its extremely heavy!

    Jacqui: loooool!

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    You’re on the official windows home server blog!!!

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    Insane stuff.. good job with the re-wiring.

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    Am I missing something? Youre just building a basic PC and installing WHS on it. Why is everybody so in awe of this project?

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    Eliedh: wow! Thanks! That is pretty damn cool!

    N: very! Thanks, still got some work to do!

    Matt: Nothing really, just posting all the steps.. but putting about 10 to 15 drives in it to turn it into a crazy storage is the cazy part… it all depends what people are looking for.


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