Blooming @ Avenues

After running around a bit in Shuweikh, some of our friends were having an early breakfast at Avenues so we ended up there at 9:20 am. It was the first time for us to be in the Avenues that early in the morning, the place was empty, I had the urge to put on some roller blades, I would have most probably fallen flat on my face.

They seemed to have this big event called Blooming for Life taking place and every company was sponsoring a flower bed. This was the first time for me to walk into the Avenues with my very large camera and snapping away, I had security walk up to me about 7 times throughout the time I was there. Each security guy asked if I worked for a magazine or a news paper, and many of them told me its usually not allowed to take photographs inside the mall but this time its an exception but only of the flower beds. As I was taking pictures one or two of them was always following me around, they would always ask me not to point the camera in the direction of the mall. There was almost nobody inside the mall so it made no sense to stop me. I knew they weren’t the bad people and they were just doing their jobs so I didn’t argue too much with them, but I continued to snap away and I snuck in a few photos.

Some of the flower beds were amazing, it gave life to the whole mall and I think they needed more. The worst flowerbed was the one around the car, it looked it was starved for water. Overall some of them were very nice, they were very colorful smell and gave a fresh feeling to the whole mall. This was the first and only time that I have seen multiple empty Starbucks in the mall. The guys were ordering breakfast at Paul while I was snapping away, we had an early break fast so I just had some cake instead. It was very nice that the mall was completely empty and we forgot how dusty it was outside the mall.

A guy who is just trying to enjoy life!


  1. I was there on Tuesday and the mall smelled SO NICE! I like your snaps! I like how ALSHAYA made a bouquet with their logo :-)

  2. Purgatory

    hmmm, you just ate a few hours before !

  3. The one around the car looks like it was taken from The Adam’s Family garden…

    I like the activity and change. It gives the mall more life and leaves us guessing as to what comes next. Keep it up private sector.

  4. The Avenues looked amazing… really reall really nice… bs a7la shay… it started with pictures of lowers.. .b3dayn faj2a cake latheeth…!!

  5. Loca in Kuwait

    Nice Pics, I was there yesterday afternoon and when we were coming in the ladies leaving all had Lilys and Roses so I was excited thinking theres a flower shop giving free flowers. We walk to the middle in front of Pauls and see the flower arrangments. But I see a big sign on one display that said DO NOT TOUCH, hehe that ruined my thoughts.

  6. looks like it was a nice morning, I need one of those

  7. Looking hot, the flowers really do make a difference in a jungle of people.

  8. I’ve never seen starbucks so empty.

    I think the flowers look pretty too. we need a flower park here

  9. Ansam: I liked the smell as well!

    purg: looool!

    q80saracen: Thats what I thought! Just dead! Seriuosly, I hope they keep it up!

    Hamitaf: hehehe! Gotta have the cake!

    Loca: Thanks, there were some shops that were selling I think!

    eshda3wa: Don’t know, just their policy

    Laialy: very nice!

    Jacqui: Makes a huge difference!

    pearls: It was really early in the morning! A flower park wouldn’t survive!

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