KDD Factory

Friday morning involved roaming around Shuweikh for some places. We were looking for Ace Hardware at 8:30 am and we thought we knew where we were going, but we were completely wrong. I thought it was close to IKEA but A2Z and True Value was around the area, it wasn’t Ace Hardware, we did end of somewhere unexpected which was the KDD factory. We walked in and it seemed like heaven, every juice you could imagine and lots of ice creams.

We spent a good 20 minutes waiting for the ice cream machine to kick into gear, but still we didn’t get any ice cream. When we asked for some Rockets or Raspberries they said they sell them in packs of 10, so that wasn’t an option. We left empty handed but next time we shall be stocking up on all forms of ice creams. I don’t care what anyone says, KDD is superior to both Petra and KDCow, so much better there isn’t even a comparison when it comes to the Ice Creams.



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  1. F..

    mmm kdd juice! i miss it!

  2. my dad takes us there every other weekend just to have their soft ice cream YUUMMMY!!
    ok m dieting.. bad post.. baddd ;p

  3. I love love love KDD .. they have the best Ice Cream and the best Sour Cream too!!!! And I don’t care what everyone else says their juices are the best .. except maybe their orange juice.

  4. I am surprised to know that this is the first time you have been there…!!!

    Every time we are in Shuwaikh for whatever reason, we HAVE TO pass by and get soft ice cream since they sell their ice cream in bulks like you said! And you are right! It is ice cream/juices heaven LOL

  5. jewaira

    How come they don’t sell raspberries or rocket singles?
    There seems to be a fair selection to choose from
    Looks very tempting

  6. KDD have the best juices…. have the best ice cream… have the best gaymar… have the best roob… maybe not so much the 7aleeb… but I love KDD…. and did I mention they have the best Ice Cream.. I LOVE THEIR ICE-CREAM!!!

  7. Zahed

    LOOOL Guess who’s the guy behind the glass hahaha DA3AMMMM

  8. Although I am pro boycotting them becuase of their unreasonable price thing, still :} when ever i’m in shweikh “which is a lot” i go for their machine ice cream :D let aside the classical tooooot triangle :D

  9. Corolla Man (AE86)

    HEEEEEEEEEEEE ee walla da33aaaaaammm, twice this year. let us see if he can break the record this year.

  10. Ok…so where is this dairy heaven exactly? Yam Eureka?

  11. Zahed

    BAS i think da3am should run for da2eraa il 2olaa

  12. Corolla Man (AE86)

    Ok we will give da33aaam all ower support with a pic of KDD.
    you do not have to come wearing dishdasha juat the jeans and helment and your bike, distributing KDD for the diwaniya, two of them in Da3iya, and your premisis of the intikhabat is going to be owr diwaniya.

  13. Blue

    KDD Home Delivery .. 802277 :)

  14. Nano

    who’s da3am wht the hells going on here???

  15. lfc-q8

    when u get it from thier store its so fresh even thahab ice cream the cone is crispy but if u buy it from jam3iya its soggy and not as fresh

  16. I am not brand loyal to KDD, there are plenty of substitutes that taste even better

  17. Q80 In Denver

    Agreed! :p I need LULU Ice Cream ! I’m so craving it right now! :p

  18. did u try out kd cow orange flavour ice cream?

  19. F: Its good!

    Ms.D: Soft icecream.. hmmmm… loool!

    Chirp: I agree with you!

    Ansam: Not the first, but we stumbled upon it! Its just heaven! hehehe!

    jewaira: Its the main store, I think thats why! The juices can be purchased singularly but not the majority of the ice cream!

    Glitter: Most people are!

    Hamitaf: loooool!

    Zahed: hahaha! Ekhwaara!

    Q80-ChillGirl: Their prices aren’t too high, but people just got used to low prices!

    Corolla Man: U idiots!

    q80saracen: Close to the Old Ikea!

    Zahed: loool!

    Corolla Man: hahaha!

    Blue: Very nice!

    Nano: They are idiots! Forget about those two!

    lfc-q8: I agree, very true!

    Laialy: I think their ice cream taste the best!

    Q80InDenver: Soon soon!

    pearls: nope.. most of their ice cream tastes weird to me!

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