Eclosion Pump Up Sofa

Now this is an interesting couch, it looks very comfortable and the surprising part is one side can be pumped up so that this turns from a couch to a bed. Its not yet available for sale, but it sure looks damn comfortable after a long day. The rest of the room would need a funky style for this to fit in.

Link: OhGizmo

A guy who is just trying to enjoy life!


  1. It sorta looks really small… like something that would only fit one butt…. ;p
    But it does look really soft and comfy…..

  2. looks like baby pram from the side!

  3. Need to add more couches to my collection.

  4. jewaira

    Mmmm no it does not look comfortable at all and the color is unattractive :p

  5. Desi

    hi marzook. If u love furnitures so much, u should see the new mall in Shuwaikh only for designer furniture. Amazing!

  6. Hamitaf: It does look comfortable!

    Ansam: lol!

    Laialy: Really?

    G: yup

    Jacqui: looool!

    Ms.D: Depends how you sit!

    jewaira: hmmm, depends where it can go!

    Desi: I know, I checked it out, just waiting for a few more stores to open!

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